Nintendos Still for Kids

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Aug 31, 2006
New guy 'go easy'

Don't get me wrong, I own a super nin, Ultra 64, Game Cube, OLD gameboy and a Gameboy Advance and i love everyone of them BUT i think that nintendo is not looking at the big picture.

Mario Kart: Love it
Bond 007: awsome game
Perfect Dark: Wicked
Killer Instinct: Only fighting game i have EVER liked!
These machines are now owned by more adults then children.

The "WII" (stupid name!, it might mean something in Japan but in Australia it means "Piss") looks like a nice neat machine BUT who! designed the control pad??
If i want to use a TV remote to play games I'll play the game that came on my TV.
I don't have massive hands but i also don't have tiny little ones either.
My hands get sore playing my PSP let alone using a controller that is shaped like a TV remote.
The controller claims to be wireless HAH! Whats linking the two (joystick thing to the TV remote!) together? YES a cord!!!

Nothing surpasses the WI FI control pad for the Cube.
Why change a good thing?
I supose it won't be long before some NO NAME company makes a better control pad and then starts taking food out of Nintendos mouth.

Gaming is a huge business these days Billions and Billions of dollars a year are spend by consumers on game machines. Movie makers are losing out more and more.
Playstation and X-box are a real power in the industry and there directed more at adults (the people with the money to purchase game machines).

Admittedly i haven't seen one of these machines or control pads up close yet but from what i've seen I DON'T LIKE the conrol pad.
I spend money willie nillie on anything and everything but Nintendo at this point isn't getting my money just yet.

If after using the new control pad i find it to be quite the oppisite, i will bow my head in shame!
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yah..skimmed through that, by the way its Mario Kart, you don't race with shopping carts...we here (i speak for most of us) like the name wii, most of us would probaly pefer a different name, but its a fun name none the less, and your ranting on about how they shouldnt have changed the GC controller? Why? So they could be like everyone else and be the same and just work on graphics? Where would we be getting? And yah its worth billions of dollars, xbox and ps are focused on that leaves kids, teens, parents, and everyone else, this is who the Wii is going for, along with adults, Wii...Everyone! So okay let's redo this wholleee thing!

Wii...let's keep it Revolution shall we?
Controller...keep it like the GC one, better safe than sorry, the way PS is going.
Motion sensing? Nah, to kiddie, concentrate on the adults, maybe a little though.
This isn't a real Revolution, nothing new, must find a new name, I think Gamecube 2 sounds original and new and fresh!

Yah..get a clue.
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Thank you Z_UNIT, i found an error, i accidently said This IS a revolution, lets find a new name. its meant to be isnt, but im sure you caught that since it make ssense once: nothing new is said....yah
I just wish the Wii haters that have no scope at all in gaming would not post, obviously this person is a complete loser, if you don't like a system don't go to their forum and post messages, I don't waste my time on ps3 or 360 sites, why because I don't like them and have no interest. If someone else likes the 360 or ps3 fine I don't care that's why I'm on this site, and as for the name people really need to just shut-up and make thier own system if they want to have a say in the name.
ghghgh14702 said:
and as for the name people really need to just shut-up and make thier own system if they want to have a say in the name.

i like that
OK you guys calm down, remember what i0n said when something like this happens, don't pay him any attention, besides everybody has their own opinion. You guys are always saying that 360 sucks, and PS3 sucks but when someone says that the Wii sucks you go crazy.
And you the creator of this thread, why join a forum thats about the Wii if you're not interested. What's the point?:lol: :lol:
Well the only think I have to say is welcome to the forum;)
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there are probably people who do go on Xbox or PS sites and flame about the Wii just like these people. just ignore the ones that come here.
Trying to be the nice guy:rolleyes:

Listen man, Sovieto said it. Get it, got it, good. I'm glad u understand;) Gamecube 2, fresh and original, I agree:lol: At least u liked the gc, i'm happy, wut I don't understand is how u can possibly like the gc and any of the other consoles more than the Wii. I mean it's humanly impossible:lol:

No matter wut the size of ur hands, the wiimote isn't going to cramp them or wutever u think it's going to do. Wut it is is innovation, u know...that thing that keeps gamers interested in playing games, the reason we r on this forum.

Sry if u like cold-hearted machines w/ no innovation besides nice looks, that's y there's sony:p Jk, Sony is a good company, but Nintendo beats both Sony and Microsoft in the gaming area.

Nintendo devotes all their effort into gaming are, while Sony/Microsoft don't put as much heart into it, honestly I think they're more concentrated on making money rather than making their customers happy.
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