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Mar 19, 2007
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Hey i had this thought last night while looking through the share your friend code here thread. The last 6 pages or so are full of users who have no more than 5 posts, and for most of them all 5 posts are in that thread, these noobs have pretty much spammed the thread to bits and are likely not to regularly use this site, if at all ever again, these posts and friendcodes are generally pointless as noone leaves an email therefore exchanging codes is virtually impossible. I understand that in a forum this large sharing FCs is important, though for regular members sending a PM is no biggie. My idea is to ban FC sharing from all open threads and completely restrict it to PMs, that way we filter the people who genuinely want to come and join our community from those that want a quick FC share. I know this is a big change but with the influx of noobs and spam in threads such as those I believe along with many of you that something needs to be done.
Feedback from you regular members please :)
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paintba||er said:
But then there would be more n00bs making threads asking for FCs and and flooding existing threads asking for them.
not if it was stated in the rules and was policed, the official ninty forums dont allow FC sharing and they dont have ^that problem^ one thread a week kinda thing but its usually delt to quickly
supposivly i0n is trying something out with the FC codes. its been in effect since may :yikes:

he has yet to do anything about it. i cant tell you guys anything more about it until i0n does this thing so youll just have to deal with the system the way it is until futher noticed
i0n rarely dose anything

I offerd to do some thing about it but he said no
ever get that interview?? :rolleyes:

i think we need to compile a list of "things to do" for i0n.....i can post it in staff chat once im done or something. seems the other mods are having this problem too
I never did

He should make me owner
I can get things done
Also ive spent more time on ere than he has