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Aug 5, 2006
Australia, Perth
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Hey im not into this but im wondering, do u think that the nextgen consoles will have stronger piracy protection, i mean ps2 and xbox lost alot of money through piracy and stuff, im wondering will it be easier or harder cause these next gen consoles are very much like computers and i was thinking that for those who go into piracy might just create programs for consoles instead of tampering with hardware, wat do u guys think?
the xbox 360 already has piracy VIA a hacked DVD firmware. the firmware was hacked about 4 months after the console was released so i dont see piracy ever leaving
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Man too many hackers out there, too many. You would be surprised how much u can learn from google yet ive nevered tried hacking as its bad. so u reckon piracy will never leave gaming? many would agree many would disagree, sucks to 360 anyway. Also will the nextgen consoles be using 4.6gig or 9.3 gig discs?
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yeah, piracy sucks if u are dedicated to buying a console u should atleast support it by buying the game and i dont think piracy will work cause i reckon that for the wii, every disc will have its own unique key, so if it is duplicated, 2 games can not be run by 2 different wii's in the world. Thats my theory, it would be pretty good if they did that cause it would be easy aswel cause of the wiiconnect 24.
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lol, cause no one really likes sony, by piracing them were just screwing them over which is a good thing
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i hope not cause i wont wii to profit, if they profit they are more likely to make better things
As long as there's money to be made, there always be pirates. And until new games cost as little as pirated copies (which will obviously never happen), there'll always be money to made.
GO N64 AND YOUR CARTIAGES!!!! or how ever you spell it, + I heard no one could pirate the gamecube disc adn taht was one of the reasons why they made the disc small, is that true?