Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 revealed by Junichi Masuda on Pokemon Smash

Im getting a mad scientist kinda thing from Akuroma, anybody else?
Im hoping Eevee can be caught early, Id like an Eeveelution or two for my team. I was going to use only Unova Pokemon, but I dont know now.
Akuroma does look a tad... sinister, now that I think 'bout it. Wouldn't be at all surprised if he pulled an Evice.

Definitely gonna use a Glaceon myself. :lol: Quite probably a Lucario as well, 'less Riolu is caught somewhere expectably late like victory road. Just like Mienfoo. ._.
nick update your damn thread


Game Freak has already released a trailer for BW2. njoy


Can't say this got me as hyped as the BW1 trailer did way back when; in fact, I ain't excited at all really. But then again, I'm not a very excitable person...

Anywho, the one thing in the trailer that did interest me was the clear view of frozen Unova 20 seconds in. That's some pretty extreme terraforming right there, and I'm very curious how this'l impact traveling through Unova... And, if all that winter landscape will go away once all the plot is gone 'n done with or not. I'd be INCREDIBLY disappointed if that happened.

Also, is less important news, Azurill can be caught on the first route, which confirms that out-of-region Pokes WILL be available instantly, no post-game pokeradar bullshit or anythin' like that. I think I might just catch me an Azurill. :D
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Sorry CK, you know I'm lazy with this stuff. ^^;

I was gone all day anyway.

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