Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 revealed by Junichi Masuda on Pokemon Smash


Jan 25, 2009
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So, Pokemon Black and White 2? Not Grey? What a twist!

I think this is another way of Trollfreak trying to rake in the cash. Hardcore fans will be forced to buy four games rather than 3.

But...these appear to be more like sequels than a generic third game. The third game in the Pokemon main series is mostly just the same thing as the first two, with new stuff added. For example, Ruby and Sapphire were the first two main series games of Generation 3. Emerald was the third game, and the only real improvements it made was a Battle Frontier, the ability to rebattle Gym Leaders, a swap of Pokemon League Champions as well as the 8th Gym leader. Both Team Magma and Team Aqua were villains as well. And some other stuff. But the story was more of a retelling than anything.

But the "2" part of the names make me think that these may actually be sequel. Like, maybe they take place after the events of Black/White. Maybe they have something to do with

N's disappearance at the end of B/W?

Obviously these new games will involve Kyurem more, and I wonder how. Judging by what appears to be a fusion of Kyurem and Reshiram, as well as Kyurem and Zekrom. This thread goes into more detail on Kyurem's new forms.

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You bloody asshat. If you're going to beat me to the punch, make the OP better. -_-;

Guess I'll make a thread detailing Kyurem specifically...
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I had to be quick to beat you, CK. I'll edit it to make it better.

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Considering Black 2's mascot is "Kyurom" as opposed to Black 1's Reshiram, and vice verse for White, it's definitely plausible that BW2 will be direct sequels to BW; probably more direct than XD was to Colosseum if this is the case.

But, you've gotta wonder if they really will be making this game a REAL sequel... That'd step their game up for every 3rd game in the generations to follow. Not that I'd complain, of course. Anyone who buys even just one of the first two and then the third game gets ripped off in every past generation so far, so if they made the game different enough so that anyone but diehard Pokemon fans would be willing to pay for it after buying the previous version(s), that'd be grand.

... And also about ****in' time.

I can say right now that I won't be buying both lol. I'll be buyin' whichever one takes after White's rustic and non-futuristic differences.
Double post, Karp DON' GIVE A FU--

BW2 are supposedly to be released in June 2012 for Japan, and Autumn for the rest of the world.

I get to play BW2 before the world ends wewt. :D
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I don't care since I'm not a graphics noob. ^_^
Not the graphics I'm worried about. It's the fact that Nintendo isn't supporting its own hardware if this is true.
Not a rumor, it's true. BW2 are DS games. They wouldn't release 'em so early if they were reworked for the 3DS.

Though, a valid point to bring up. I'd love it if it was all crazy graphics, and better sound, etc. etc. on the 3DS... If it is indeed a new sequel, that'd make it even more new in comparison to BW1.
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I mean what?

Forget to mention the Meloetta reveal that accompanied Kyurem's two new forms being revealed. Since the Meloetta event is 99% likely to happen for when BW2 is out, it's possible it might actually get some sort of in-game event like the during-release-of-BW-Victini did. That'd be nice.

Hopefully Genesect will too, since what it has as of now is... paltry.

CoroCoro, as always, brings the information for the new Pokemon games. And holy ****, it's good news!

First of all, BW2 does take place in Unova. Yes yes, there isn't a new region, but don't get your panties in a bunch just yet. BW2 takes place two years after BW1, with new trainers to play as, a new rival, etc. The story is indeed a sequel to BW1! Pokemon fans were anticipating this sudden shift from a trio of games per generation to a quartet as a sign of good things to come, and they were damn right. Anyone who's a Pokemon fan needs to second guess their purchase of the extra game of the generation no longer.


There's more news than just this too, of course. It's not just vanilla Unova; the entire region is to be updated and receive changes, mainly being frozen over (ohai Kyurem-related story). There're plenty of news areas and towns to explore as well, including a new home town and even new gyms (does this mean for the first time in Pokemon history, we'll be collecting more than 8 badges?). Two of the confirmed gyms are Poison and Water.

As we all should of been expecting, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem have had Freeze Shock and Ice Burn confirmed as their signature moves, respectively. And one final bit of news; the Unova Dex now has 300 Pokemon in it. For whatever reason, Unova now has non-native Pokemon roaming about to be caught. The scan which says so shows in particular Riolu, Psyduck, Eevee, Metagross, and Tyranitar. A Pokemon from every previous generation.



Oh, and an extra scan that holds no importance to those who can't read Japanese.

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