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Jan 25, 2009
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I doubt this'l be successful, but let's give this a shot. As the thread title says, this is all about declaring a pokemon of the week! I'll be using a random number generator every week to determine what pokemon to use. The first pokemon might get a short week, but it'l keep things going, yeah? Also, this Pokemon of the Week (PotW) thread will be specifically for Kanto! Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh get their own threads!

This threads all about discussing the kanto pokemon of the week in whatever way you feel, whether you hate it, love it, think it's weird, you're indifferent to it, or just have some crazy things to say about it. Throw in some links while you're at it, etc. etc. This discussion is completely loose and there's no boundaries, as long as it has to do with the pokemon of the week! :thumbsup:

Now, get posting! :D
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I'll start things off ofcourse, with a little bit of data.

As my sig declares, this weeks, and the first pokemon of the week pokemon is Zapdos!

http://media.photobucket.com/image/...r/Pokemon/Ken Sugimori Artwork/Zapdos.jpg?o=1

Zapdos, dex number 145.
Type: Electric/Flying
Ability: Pressure
Height: 5' 3" (wow, that's smaller than you'd expect!)
Weight: 116 lbs. (again, wow)
Japanese Name: Thunder (how original... )

Zapdos, the Electric pokemon. This pokemon is said to appear when the sky turns dark and lightning showers down. They say lightning caused by the flapping of it's wings causes summer storms. Zapdos has the ability to control electricity. It usually lives in thunderclouds. It gains power if stricken with lightning bolts.

I'm not a fan of Zapdos, but it is a pretty cool legendary pokemon. Articuno is better though. :p Still, I usually like electric types, so Zapdos is no exception. I'm a bit suprised by it's height, though.

In a competitive aspect, I'm not a big fan of Zapdos. He's no doubt a great OU pokemon, but I'm not into defensive pokes, I'm a pure offensive player. His offensive movepool is a bit limited for my tastes, too. Still, he's a great pokemon.

That aside, what're your opinion on Zapdos?
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My opinion? He was bigger in the movie that's my opinon! D=<
He was my favorite of the legenday birds, which then switched to Lugia.
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Zapdos used to be my favorite, but as I said in my earlier post, Articuno is my favorite now. Then ofcourse, comes Zapdos. Don't feel much for Lugia/Ho-Oh, though. Moltres is... meh.

Zapdos kicks ass either way, though. :p
Yeah, wasn't there something that said like 85% of thunderstorms were caused by him? Somewhere in Red & Blue. That's a force to be recokned with.
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85%? Damn, that's some firepower lol. I read it's dex entries and it doesn't say that, though. Not sure where you heard that. If you're interested, here's all of his dex flavor text.


Also, I'm getting an idea; have 4 pokemon of the week threads, one for each generation. This one'l obviously be Kanto. Breath some life into the pokemon forums, right? Lol. I think I'll do it! :D
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I think you read it somewhere or someone tells you. I remember it didn't say his name, just something like "thunder bird" or something.
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Ah, ok. Thunderbird... lol. Copyright infringement? ;P Zapdos definatly is not the original thunderbird.
Articuno and Lugia are so much cooler than Zapdos. My friends friend said he liked Zapdos a lot. Really? 85% of all thunderstorms?
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Ya, Articuno > Zapdos. Been leaning towards Ice types recently.

For some reason that 85% of all thunderstorms fact is familiar... It might be true. That's ****ing rediculous, lol. That's enough voltage to fry Arceus, lol.
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Yup, I should of mentioned that, lol. For those who don't know, Uno, Dos, and Tres translate to One, Two, and Three in spanish. This wasn't present in the japanese names (they were simply named after their element), but it is in the english names. It also relates how the pokemon are often named in that order; Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

A lot of english pokemon names in the original 151 are inside jokes/puns or referrences, actually.
Lol I think 1-151 pokemon of the week should be... Mewtwo! everyweek Mewtwo!

Although I dont really like mewtwo, but w/e

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