Pokemon of the Week!

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You sound like Bodine. :p

Mewtwo will get his chance when his dex number is called, lol.
... I think... only Mewtwo exists... He is 1-151... and more,
But palkia gets 1 dex entry...
But last time I checked 490>1
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Alright everyone, the next PotW is...!



Dex number 71
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Chlorophyll
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 34.2 lbs
Japanese Name: Utsoboto

Victreebel, the Flycatcher Pokemon. It lures prey with the sweet aroma of honey. Swallowed whole, the prey is melted in a day, bones and all. Acid that has dissolved many prey becomes sweeter, making it even more effective at attracting prey. Victreebel has a long vine that extends from its head. This vine is waved and flicked about as if it were an animal to attract prey. When an unsuspecting prey draws near, this Pokémon swallows it whole. It pools in its mouth a fluid with a honey like scent, which is really an acid that dissolves anything.

Ah yes, Victreebel, a classic, original 151 pokemon. I'm sure we all remember James' Victreebel from the original pokemon season, yeah? Good times... The real question though, is why wasn't James melted alive? ... We may never know.

Anyways, I'm pretty indifferent to Victreebel. The Flycatcher Pokemon is indeed a classic, being based off flytrap plants, but Poison types and Grass types aren't really my thing. Still, those dex entries are awesome. Pokemon has never been so sadistic. ;D

In a competitive aspect, Victreebel took a huge blow from RSE to DPP. He can no longer physically sweep effectively, and his movepool is the generic, crappy Grass/Poison scenario. His speed is low as well, and he need Sunny Day support to function as a sweeper; his only (poor) calling. Since many Grass/Poison types do his job better, he's stuck in NU. Basically, he's not a very good pokemon at all.

Now then, what's your opinion on Victreebel?
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:D Meet my favorite Grass-type! I love Victreebel! It looks really weird, and the acid thing is cool. The only thing I dont really like is its boring Chlorophyll ability.
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Chlorophyll is a great ability, Nick. With sun support a lot of pokes like Tangrowth can become fiercesome sweepers using Chlorophyll. A bit bland of an ability, yes, but it has great potential.
The funny thing about Grass-types is that the Sun is good and bad to them at the same time. The good part is that they get boosted abilitys, but the bad part is that they get hit harder by Fire-type moves.....then theres Parasect....who hates the Sun in every way possible.
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That's why teams often make use of pokemon that can thrive in the sun, but can use fire to their advantage (pokes with flash fire, pokes with a fire resist, etc.).

For example, in ubers, Palkia has a 4x resistance to Fire. It works better in the rain, but it's still a beast in the sun if it's moveset complies.

A flash fire example would be Heatran. With a Choice Scarf and a Flash Fire boost, it hits extremely hard and fast. Having it's water weakness cut in half is also a huge plus, making Heatran a staple on sunny day teams for good reason.
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Groudon doesn't fuction very well in the sun, actually; he's overrated for that reason. The only plus he gets is halfing his water weakness, Ice Beam and Grass Knot still hammer him, and Kyogre can change the weather condition at any moment.

He's obviously the best at setting up the sun, since it's perma-instant, but that doesn't mean he's excellent in the sun.