Pokemon of the Week!

plus him able to use Solarbeam without waiting or using Eruption to the max power doesn't hurt.

yes Ice and Grass still murder him but Groudon still kicks major @$$
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Groudon's Sp. atk is pathetic (by uber standards), so Eruption is actually quite useless. Even if you made a Sp. atk set, after he takes a single hit, he no longer hits hard.

Same with Solarbeam, actually. Except it has paltry power compared to Eruption, which is already a weak move.

Groudon isn't as good as you think he is (for uber standards). Being hammered by Ice and Grass, while garnering low Sp. def means he has a weakness for every single team (all uber teams carry multiple pokes with Ice, one or possibly two with Grass). Since a choice scarf set isn't nearly as scary as Kyogre, he doesn't function as well as a revenge killer either. Considering plenty of levitate pokemon can switch in on a banded Earthquake, he can also be made helpless in most situations.

The best Groudon can do is rely solely on prediction and hope to hit hard with a CB, or sweep with Swords Dance; but only with Paralysis support (usually Blissey, they pair well).

Basically, my point is that Groudon's best sets are either risky, or need a lot of support to be pulled off. When he does get things right, he's very scary, but he's not as standard as most other ubers. His primary purpose is simply setting up perma-sunlight.
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DP, big deal...

Happy easter everyone! :D Today's PotW, specifically for easter, is... !



Chansey, the Egg Pokemon. A gentle and kind-hearted Pokémon that shares its nutritious eggs if it sees an injured Pokémon. Few in number and difficult to capture, it is said to bring happiness to the trainer who catches it. Chansey lay nutritionally excellent eggs every day. The eggs are so delicious, they are eagerly devoured by even those people who have lost their appetite. It lays several eggs a day and won't share them with those who have evil in their hearts.

Happy easter everyone! :D As being easter themed for the PotW, I chose Chansey, as it always has an egg with it. I honestly don't like Chansey; it's pink, it's hard to catch, and it's a stupid wall. Couldn't care for it, lol.

On the competitive side, Blissey is obviously superior to Chansey; but still Chansey is an extremely useful special wall. Both are arguably the best special walls in the game. Now then, what's YOUR opinion on Chansey?
Happy Easter everyone!

Ahh, Blissey....one of my favorite Normal-types. Chansey is cool too. Chansey seems pretty good for a non-fully evolved Pokemon.
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Yeah, Chansey is definatly good for an NFE poke. It wouldn't survive in OU, though; it comes just short of Blissey's fat ass glory.