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Jan 25, 2009
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Yup, the last PotW thread! As the thread title says, this is all about declaring a pokemon of the week! I'll be using a random number generator every week to determine what pokemon to use. The first pokemon might get a short week, but it'l keep things going, yeah? Also, this Pokemon of the week (PotW) thread will be specifically for Sinnoh! Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn get their own threads!

This threads all about discussing the Sinnoh pokemon of the week in whatever way you feel, whether you hate it, love it, think it's weird, you're indifferent to it, or just have some crazy things to say about it. Throw in some links while you're at it, etc. etc. This discussion is completely loose and there's no boundaries, as long as it has to do with the pokemon of the week! :thumbsup:

The PotW is up! :D
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Ok, the first Sinnoh PotW is... ! Bonsly!


Dex number 438
Type: Rock
Ability: Sturdy/Rock Head
Height: 1' 8"
Weight: 38 lbs
Japanese Name: Usohachii

Bonsly, the Bonsai Pokemon. It looks as if it is always crying. It is actually adjusting its body's fluid levels by eliminating excess. It prefers arid environments.

I'm not a huge fan of rock types, and Bonsly it pretty... eh. I'm not really a fan of baby pokemon (EXCEPT PICHU! :D :D :D), so neither am I a fan of Bonsly. It does have one cool feature though (and an obvious one) ; being modled after a Bonsai tree. Still, it's not all-that cool of a pokemon.

In the competitive aspect, considering it's a baby, it has no place in tiers. With the Baby Cup rules however, Bonsly has a good movepool, solid defenses, and a great singular Rock typing, not to mention it hits very hard. For a Baby pokemon, it's actually very good.

Alright, so what's your opinion on Bonsly?
Bonsly? I like it. They should have it blocking certain paths in Sinnoh, like Sudowoodo.
Sakurai claims Bonsly is using Tackle. But if I recall, it cant even learn the move. More evidence of Sakurais stupidity......
I remember when I got my first taste of Bonsly in Gale of Darkness. I was like OMG BONSLY!! Good times..
I remember Gale of Darkness. Good game. Bonsly is a beast in Brawl.

@ Nick: The attack is prolly Double Edge.
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Storm's correct, Bonsly should be using Double Edge.

LOL I remember Bonsly in XD too, I was like "OSHI-- DO I GET TO CATCH IT??? ... No? **************!!" lol. I honestly didn't like XD or colosseum much, though...

You know, now that you think of it, 38 lbs isn't that much to throw at someone in Brawl. It's crazy how much damage and knockback Bonsly does...
Its ridiculous... I know. Bonsly is a beast... Hes like a cannonball...

But CK, look at it this way. Have you ever trained with Medicine Balls? Well, if you have, you know they max out weghing up to 15 pounds. That sucker is heavy, and hurts if you get hit. Double that weight and multiply by the speed its going times the acceleration and you get the Force it would do. I shall calculate in the next post.
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Ya, I do get your point. Medicine balls are crazy... I do wonder what makes them like that. Is it because they're compact, or is it the material used on the inside?

Bonsly doesn't really get thrown that fast though, lol. Still more than double that weight would be a massive impact... especially when it's made of solid rock, lol.
I agree. Not sure what makes the balls so heavy (lmao) I think that they do damage because the weight is evenly distributed completely throughout the ball, which would nearly be the same for Bonsly, with the exception of its Bonsai branches.

Btw, the equation looks like this. Force = Mass X Acceleration. Lets say, just for scientific purposes, that in Brawl Bonsly is thrown at 10 mph (even though we know he prolly goes faster) The equation reads, Force = Mass(38) X Acceleration (10).

The ending result equates to Force = 380 lbs. Note that this is not taking into account Bonsly's size.

So basically, Bonsly, a rock, comes flyin at you with 380 pounds of Force. Your ass is dead.
I love math dude. Its the one thing in this world that always has only one right answer.

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