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i need an argument saying that the wii is not childish compared to xbox 360 or ps3, im not good at this and dont know a lot of facts. so, what would u say if i said the wii is childish compared to xbox360/ps3? :p :D
I would say: Before you make fun of something first learn some facts about it. Nintendo is changing the gaming world with the Wii by offering innovative controls with fun games at a very low price. Just think of it, you're a soldier and the wiimote is your m16, a knight and the wiimote is your sword, in a car/truck/monster truck and the wiimote is your steering wheel, a football player and the wiimote and nunchuck are your body, arms, and legs; the possibilities are endless. The Nintendo Revolution is gonna have decent graphics for the next gen, a decent amount of power, a good online system, amazing games, innovative controls, and it will offer a whole new experience that is going to change the way we play games forever. Besides anyone who likes the xbox360/ps3 because they are big, has lots of power is childish.
: That is what I would say. After that show them some videos from E3 of people playing the games, that is how I converted a bunch of people.
Yeah, i mean something like the Teletubbies would fit right in that list, right?
Considering Red Steel is the front runner of third party titles for the Wii, and then there was rumours that it was going to have strippers in...

...Likewise, the gameplay for Sadness seems very gothic and not at all for kids....

...The backward compatibility also targets people old enough to actually get nostalgic about the titles (e.g. I started playing the NES, relatively young at the age of around 8. I still have my NES and all home consoles from Nintendo, and even I'm looking forward to what's in store - possibility of online play, possibility of updated graphics, possiblity of new levels/characters, possibility of New NES, SNES or N64 titles etc...

...Plus, let's not forget Resident Evil. Considering most of the "Mature titles" for the other consoles are third party anyway, I don't think they have a right to complain about Nintendo. (Disaster Day of Crisis' concept is far from being 'kiddie', likewise, Zelda is looking less kiddie by the second. Indeed, Smash Bros Brawl is looking less kiddie than Melee).

...And lets not forget the number of "kiddie titles" for the Playstation - Ratchet and Clank, Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter etc... (and let's not forget those movie-tie-ins, which admittidly aren't specifically Playstation - but are on there too)...

...People sem to forget that there have been a slew of "mature" or even simply "non-kiddie" games for most Nintendo consoles. Indeed, if they're complaining that there's no "mature games" for Nintendo, they probably consider "mature games" as GTA style (blast everyone away, and steal cars) or sexually explicit games. Those are only childish perceptions of what "mature people" play. Just remember, Nintendo is a family company (hence names like Famicom for the NES), rather than a "kiddie" company.
I don't care if a games childish as long as its fun.

I don't think the Wii will be considered childish though, with games like Zelda, Metroid, Red Steel, Project Hammer, Sadness, Disaster Day of Crisis, Excite Truck (ETC) nobody can argue it feature no 'mature games'. Besides most of the people buying a PS3 will be idiots going 'OMGZER TEH PS3 UBER GRAFIX!!1111 TEH WEE IS BAYBEE GAMEZ!!11 WTF?!11 TEH WEE IS LIKE WEE1111!1 LOL!! OMG! WTF LOL!! ITS LIKE A REMOTE!!!111 LOL!!1 TEH WEE GRAFIX SUXOR!
MetroidZ said:
lmao, thats a ... good argument.

Heres were i used it
im OGTiago, but the guy didnt realy care about what i said and made silly excuses; "i only care about graphics" (some **** like that)
:lol: that Calo guy is an idiot. "The PS3 has the best graphics thats what I'm getting it for" :lol: .
Nintendo consoles are no more childish than others. Go down to a games store, check out the PS2 section, and you'll see tons of kiddy games (most of which you've probably never heard of).

And that Calo guy is an idiot- he admits being a die hard Sony fanboy without even trying the other consoles properly.
If somebody starts ripping a new one for the Wii, just point them to actual facts. There's a lot of gaming sites out there that are looking closely at the Wii. Just point them in the direction of some articles. Also, if the forum has it, you could get clips from Youtube or google, and imbed the video frame into the forum (as done here), so that more people will be inclined to watch the video, instead of having to follow links...

Oh, and Nintendo are working towards expanding the gaming market, rather than catering for a niche one. With DS games like Brain Training, Phoenix Wright (I know, not Nintendo, but still a "new" genre), Trauma Centre, Heck even a cooking game*with some of these ideas and concepts being redone for the Wii, Hardcore gamers wouldn't be the only ones picking up the Wii's. In fact, I would think more hardcore gamers would, simply because they're getting bored of their existing games, having the same format, and sometimes even the same controls... ...heck, I consider myself a "hardcore gamer", and I'm excited about having a new way of controlling things. It'll give more depth overall, and for those who really like a challenge, it'll need an entirely different learning curve.

Next time somebody says that they love one console over the others because it's better, and it's not even out yet (which is one of the main defenses of the Fanboy), tell him to wait until both consoles are out before posting again. Otherwise, they're just a hypocrite.

Oh, and also, don't let people say "get a job and you'll be able to afford it". Just reply, "I'd rather get a job and buy many wii games on the market - At least that way, the money I earn will be going towards something worthwhile". Flamebaiting I know, but undeniably true. Mwhahahahahahahahaha....
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:lol: i actually feel sorry 4 guys that don't like wii! they wii will make u crie!
and! the guys that plays the games where u only uses ur hand will be much fater after a while;) (ok that was not true.) :tard: but the wii will be.. u know;) the best