RE4...But what About MOH: Heroes 2?


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Jun 11, 2007
Heres my problem, i want to get RE4 soon. possbly within the next week. However that will leave me without much funds for up coming games like MOH: Heroes 2 (32 player anyone?).

There isnt a release date for MOH yet, but they said this Holiday. your nall probably thinking...just get both..

But i go away on holiday for 3 weeks for most of august. Whcihc means ill only have a little while to play RE4. And then when i get back Metroid prime/MOH will be on the brink of release.

I hate it when games get pushed away by newer games. Should i wait, or buy RE4?
If your going on holidays just wait and when you get back youll have a better idea of release dates, if they have been pushed back, get RE4.