Release Date After Nov. 7?


Aug 6, 2006
OK Call of Duty 3 is a launch title for the Wii, but here:
shows CoD3 is coming out Nov. 7, so does that mean Wii gets an early release of it or is coming out after Nov. 7?

PS: I don't need: OMFG DUDE JUST WAIT, because this is just giving an idea of when its coming out, which everyone could use
It'll probably come out earlier than that and certainly not later than that because the PS3 is coming out Nov. 17. I think this game is just in the "launch window," which means it'll be released a week or so after the Wii is. Mid-October would be great and intelligent on Nintendo's part.
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right, well anyways mid october seems toooo early, its def. november becuase thats what everything says now
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i think thats what he was saying captain obvious,

100% sure thats not the release, isnt that 2 days before thanksgiving? they probally just went with the latest date possible then an extra day back to make it seem like thats not what they did
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Wouldnt that be akward:

Mom: Lover....why have you bought all thoes Wii games?
Lover: Casue..well...umm...err.
*Later that night*
Lover: OmG A new Wii game! YES YES YES!!!
*Finishes opening presents*
Lover: No Wii....?
Mom: I assumed you would buy it...