Release Date Hint: From nintendo for once

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Jul 7, 2006
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i was on digg and i found this:

look at the date ^^

10.21.06 wooooh!
yeah this was sent in an e-mail with no source to call from, if there were any ads printed yet I believe the date would have already leaked from multiple sources, not just one, photoshop is rather handy at making convincing posters isn't it?
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Sry I don't have time 2 read it right now, do u know it's from a true nintendo source? Is this website an oficial nintendo website?
Not official nintendo website, someone just making up stories most likely, nintendo is too tight lipped ot let and ad slip out with the exact date, and as I said when it hits. you will know because after all this wait and anticipation it will spread like wildfire from multiple sources with the same info and ad, just like nintendo wants, great marketing scheme huh?
I dont think its photoshop, in fact im very surprised and i think its not the best date, but its really great to know ill keep searching anyway
After Many Rumors about Nintendo Wii Release Date, the Only Official Information we have now is from THQ that announced the release date of their games for wii in Europe.
THQ communicates that Cars will appear in November 2006 in Europe. After SpongeBob: Creature from the Krossen crab, which should be available in October 2006, is it the second Wii title of THQ.
This means Wii in October whether it's that date or not i don't know. I mean it's an official news from a THQ Wii game that IGN says is a lauch title. Source
Could be Wii_Rulez, but that picture is def. not real, the date is too conveniently placed, u know wut I mean? It's right at the bottom just so u can see it, suspicious?
I heard that it will come it in november because it would be before the holidays and they have to mass produce it so it can't be in october.
and that is what i believe.
It is. I don't believe it's real anybody could make a poster like that.
THQ said that spongbob game is coming out in October 06 and IGN says that spongebob game is a Wii lauch title so it has to be sometime in October.
US gets there games a little before europe and japan theirs before anyone else.
I reckon its fake cos those aren't the latest pics of the controller. The last we heard, the "-" and "+" buttons had been changed to "back" and "pause"...

How much of a detective am I!

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