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Jul 3, 2006
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It might be a little earlier to be posting this information but I had to share it. The popoualr series resident is evil is coming to wii. Trust me this game might even be better than 4, but I cant say anyhting now, and I keep posting new information as i get it.
i can tell ya this ITS NOT RESI 5
please dont be one of those arcade (craper than house of dead) games
Arcadium said:
... RE 5 is the name?? or there is anoother one?
There are 2 games coming out: Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil Wii (working title, they'll give it a better name eventually). Resi 5 is the next game in the series, and no one knows anything about Resi Wii yet.

motherbrainrulez said:
So resi evil 5 won't be for wii? I hope it is!
Unfortunately Resi 5 has been confirmed for PS3 and 360, but not for Wii.
resident evil for wii is supposed to be an all new title wii exclusive, I'm guessing like the resident evil survivor series
I'm hoping like dead aim for the ps2 but not as short, needs more content, I love light gun games currently and that is why I'm loving the Wii all FPS will be just like light-gun games currently in terms of play but will actually get good storylines and a good amount of content, unlike my current collections of light-gun games that really don't make sense and can be beaten in about 30 mins if you know how.
if they release it they will probably release a limited edition of the gun cradle

of course that means they would need to produce the gun cradle
That is a problem with a lot of light gun games that all you have to do is shoot at the screen and your character follows pre-determined paths... so I hope they do it like a regular resident evil and have puzzle solving and free roaming, just with motion sensitive shooting (and of course, more gun action)