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Jul 18, 2007
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just wanted a place for fas of the games or people interested to talk about everything related to both games, debate talk or make bands whatever you want.

my gamer tag is daviduk2000
and I own all of the rock band and GH games, so hit me up if you want a game

the links on game names will take you to its setlist


Rock band
Rock band 2
Rock band AC/DC
Rock band track pack 2
Rock band classic rock track pack
Rock band country track pack
Rock band The Beatles
Rock band LEGO
Rock band Country Track pack
Rock band Metal Track Pack

Guitar hero 2
Guitar hero 3
Guitar hero Aerosmith
Guitar hero World Tour
Guitar hero Metallica
Guitar hero Greatest Hits
Guitar hero 5
Guitar Hero Van Halen

Dj Hero

Rock Revolution

Track Listings
GH2, GH3, GH A, GH:WT, GH:Metallica, GH:Greatest Hits, RB 1, RB 2, RB AC/DC, RB track pack 2, Rock revolution all completed expert guitar, Bass and Vocals also all done on hard drums where they have drums and vocals :)

instrument compatibility ( GH World Tour, Guitar DOES work on rock band 1 i need to fix that)


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wich do you prefer, david, Rock band 2 or GH:WT? im mainly wondering about the drums in GH:WT, i played at best buy but some little **** broke the cymbal and stole the bass pedal so it was hard to do lol. as for rock band, i dont have 2 anymore, kept 1 though and got pretty good at the drums, dont play anymore.
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me im a rock band 2 person main reason because i have nearly 200 songs for it including RB1 songs ac/dc the track pack 2 and a whole lotta dlc.

as a game i think i still prefer rock band 2.

I prefer the drums (the kit) for GH;WT.
but for each game i think playing as drums are just as good in each.

i prefer guitar on rock band cause i found GHWT far to easy.
same with bass

the few things i prefer on GHWT are

held notes while strumming more notes.
open strumming for bass guitarist.

and the online modes are better (even though no stats which sucks)

rock band tour lasts a lot longer and i find it a hella alot more fun.

im a
Expert guitar/bass
and just started expert drums about half songs i can expert now (all of a sudden just started getting good)

singing depends on songs, i can do expert some and some i can just do medium
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i agree with your agreement

EDIT: but he does have right to opinion, as many people prefer GH as do many people prefer RB
I agree with your agreeing of my agreement.

On the point of opinions, I also have my opinion on his opinion saying his opinion is wrong. Its still an opinion, so theres nothing wrong.
WT Drums and Microphone buth suck ass. The guitar is the only better thing and the GH2 guitar is better than that