Six-Word Memoirs


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Aug 2, 2006
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Six word memoirs are six-word phrases or sentences that have a deep meaning. The general idea is to describe your life in six words. And though the memoirs usually pertain to life-related things, they are certainly not limited to them. They are fun to concoct and even more exciting to hear other peoples' six-word memoirs. There have been contests on these and the person who thought of the best one won! Some of them are very neat indeed!

Here's one, for example: "That's not quite what I planned..."

Here's one from me: "Artificial substance comes from Mother Nature".

As you can see, they don't necessarily have to make sense, in terms of grammar. Also, they don't necessarily have to explain your life. You get the idea?

What are yours?
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Dec 13, 2006
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"Playing Counter Strike is my love..."

"Having friends is all that matters"

"Living life with no regrets, alright?"

"Gaming is part of my life"

"Music to me is like oxygen..."

"Meet interesting people, then kill them" :lol:

"My room is always a mess"

"Thank your family for whatcha got"

"I'm not the average teenage boy"

All I can think of...These any good?

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