Smash Bros. site updated again


Apr 30, 2006
They've added Wario and Zero Suit Samus to the character pages with new images and bio's for them.

Looks like the Zero suit Samus is not a fully selectable character and instead, regular old Samus will shed her armor if certain conditions are met. Zelda could transform into Sheik in the last game, so maybe Samus could just shed her armor with a button combination, although why you would want to just throw away the awesome arm cannon is a mystery to me.

i0n said:
although why you would want to just throw away the awesome arm cannon is a mystery to me.

Maybe it will be like in the trailer where you do some allpowerful attack and that causes armor falls off. Besides that without the suit samus is more agile and gains that whip pistol thing to make up for the fact that she lost the arm cannon.
It does make sense that they have decided to keep Samus as only one player, pictures look cool as well. =D
Yea but what if you go into zero suit samus and you want to get back to normal? If her suit falls off then how is she going to get it back on? I personally think their going to be two seperate charcters, even though it sounds strange.
It would make sense if they were 2 different characters. It wouldn't make a lot of sense if they were like Zelda when she turns into Sheik but can't turn back.
Yea I mean it would be really stupid to make it one person[but not that stupid] I mean if you gave them as one character it would sort of be a let down, because they beefed up the whole no suit thing.
that would be weird if u can transform from samus to zero suit, but not bak... i really think they should just make 2 separate characters. i want zelda and sheik to be separate characters too, but thats just me. =)
You could pick between Zelda and Sheik in Super Smash Bros. Melee too, you just hold the 'A' button before the match begins to have Sheik before the battle begins. XD
That looks really nice I can no wait to get to play with the new characters i am going ot keep checking back to that site to see if they add any more.
I wish that see would keep her aromor becasue she looks a lot cooler with it on but it will be intresting to see her without it.
The characters are looking good (especially ZSS :)) and I can't wait for more games/characters profiles and more videos.