SMG's looking better still


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Jul 2, 2006
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someone who played it said:
At first I thought it would be too weird, but it turned out to play flawlessly, only a rare camera glitch, but not a factor at all it looks like.
If I here one more thing about SMG being the "best game ever" i'm going to explode!:sick: I guess one more good review can't hurt a game although:D
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I didn't really understabd that, can u tell me again? U've allready posted this or something? I realize this is nothing actually new, I just thought I posted it, sry if u posted already:sick:
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Oh, lol....ok....anyways i'm not sure i'll be getting this game, it sounds fun and flawless but it's just not in the top 5 for me yet:( I need much better info than wut has been released.
it might have a flaw a cheesy ending like mario sunshine bleh "the vaction begins now?" i hate you fludd there i said it (plz dont flame me)
Why Cant Nintendo Reveal The Price ANd Release Date Already!?

All The Suspense Of The Wii Is Abosloutly(sp?) MURDERING ME!!!!
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It's "Yes!!!!!" or "This Rocks!!!!!!!!" Something along those lines:p

SMG better be good, it looks ok but not amazing. Probably one i'll rent.
+Maniacal=Maniac+ said:
How Can You Resist Mario Games!?!? Youre Evil!!!
I started to resist Mario Party aafter a new one came out every year even though Waluigi was in it and Mario Baseball didn't excite me either but SMG does.