Sonic Wild Fire, gets a name change!


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Jul 21, 2006
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Okay, the name is extremely lame, IMO. So, brace yourselves! The new name for Sonic Wild Fire is..............



Sonic and the Secret Rings is due out in early 2007.
What are your thoughts on the name change? I obviously, like Wild Fire a lot better. :\

... sonic and the secret rings... wow. the old name was much better. It appealed to old and young. This one appeals to people that like secret rings. *BLING*BLING FOOLS*8)
man, I like it... it will be same as the wii, we used to say "Revolution, Revo, Nintendo Revolution, Nintendo Revo, Nintendo Rvo... and then just wii, people didnt get it at the beggining, but then they will get it, I think that will happen too to Sonic and the secret rings (which I think that site is lying)
I'm just the opposite, I was about to say it's not the same as the Rev and the Wii. Although it seems like a good analogy for this, it's not the same at all, Sonic Wild Fire is a hell of alot better and makes more since than..."The Secret Rings". It's very dumb and has no meaning behind it like the Wii does, any of the sonic games could have been "the secret rings".

If They Don't Change It I'm Gonna Get Really Pissed!!! RARRRGGHHH!!!

*EDIT*I think it's lying too, I don't believe anything unless it's on IGN or
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I dont mind too, and I think its a fake, cause it has not been anounced on IGN or Nintendo so its just a fake... ah and anyway I wouldnt buy that game either!
I don't think it's a fake, 'cause i saw this news earlier today while searchin on google...:)