ssbb_lover, Clear your Private Messages Box


Guardian of the Garden
Jul 6, 2006
Hey man, I can't send you PM's because your message box is full. Delete some stuff then I will be able to send you more PM's!

- Scythe
ssbb Lover clear messages

What your doing, this no way a shinobi should act! Now clear those messages so I email you, or I'll use my deomic ice mirriors on your ass!
man i dont think this is a wii chat topic this is a off-topic forum so plz dont post more stuff like this here when this has to be on the off-topic signature
Don't hurt me, please! Lol, sry scyther I was wondering why u weren't talking to me, sry pal. But as for not being a shinobi...i'm 100% shinobi fool! Time to go kyuubi and kick some haku ass, again! Sry about that L Haku, we're still friends, send me some messages. *sniffle* I guess this just shows how many friends I have....Thank You!

Wooo that was an emotional rollercoaster, lol.