The end of E3

E3 Changes

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Jul 3, 2006
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E3 has showed us all the greatest moments in video gaming. Giving us the glimpse of what is coming into the video game world and what we can look forward to. NOw it is changing for the worse I think. No longer will it be a huge Expo now it will all just be meetings and retail changes,

The hype that made E3 so good will disseaper Lets see what you people think of E3 do oyu want it to change or do you think it just stay the way it is
It should stay as it is. E3 was the big event of the year for gaming, a chance to see the big games coming our way. It'll be a shame to see it go, particularly after such a great event this year.
i voted just for nintendo lol but seriously i want no, i don't like the changes i hate change in general
if theyre doing away with it due to costs, maybe they need to find a way to let the general public in and make them have to pay. I mean if it was free, I would think the venue would be packed like a sardine can and would be a mdad house. If you made them pay like $80 or something to get in, I think that would help a lot. 5000 tickets sold at $80 a pop would be $400,000! Im sure that could help keep this event around longer.