The Last Story Limited Edition Coming to Wii in Europe February 21


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Jul 7, 2011

Nintendo has this week announced that a limited edition bundle for Hironobu Sakaguchi’s The Last Story RPG will be available exclusively on Wii across Europe from February 24, for the princely sum of £86.93. The limited edition bundle is currently available to pre-order while stocks last, and features a copy of the game, an exclusive SteelBook cover decorated with beautiful artwork, and a The Elements Of The Last Story package, which includes The Premium Soundtrack CD and The Illustrations art booklet. The CD features a 7-track selection of music from the game, composed by Nobuo Uematsu, who has also collaborated with Hironobu Sakaguchi on many of his previous RPGs. [/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]The Last Story brings a modern twist to the traditional RPG, with a strategic, real-time combat system and facility for the player to customize their character and weapons. By mastering a mysterious ability called The Gathering you can help the game’s hero, Zael, and his band of mercenaries complete their missions, as well as battle huge bosses by discovering their weak spots and working as a team to destroy them. [/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]Unlike a traditional RPG, however, The Last Story features two online multiplayer modes, namely Deathmatch and Co-op, which enable you to battle against or alongside up to five other people from across Europe. Online battles may even yield rare weapons and items that can be carried over for use in the single-player game.

Source: Nintendo
Uematsu. <3

So, I've heard a bit 'bout this game roughly a year ago, and was somewhat interested. Never looked into it though, since it wasn't planned for overseas release; but judging by the above, Ninty is gonna localize it eventually?
May consider to purchase this game if it's localized, but I'm afraid that it may be a disappointment to me. :/