The Season of Spring


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Aug 5, 2006
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we all should throw our cloaks and scarfs away, spring has come!:D

How is the weather around the world? Over here in australia it has become quite warm and sunny, many plants are blossoming. I love the blooming cherry trees, they are such a nice place to roost under in the sun and read a book. :)

Who else is excited about the upcoming season of spring?

(For the southern Hemisphere)
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it may not last there, but it has only begun here.
when are your springs in the uk by the way?
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that would be a great time for when spring starts, cause thats when my birthday is :)
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yes, many good things happen in april.

and when's summer, what is it like?
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i suppose that you could only see the pollution because there are no clouds, :lol: no offense

Yes, summers a really warm here and can go up to 35 Celcius (likely a heatwave to you):)

how often does it snow in the winter? (anywhere in the uk)
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sorry, i meant that is the average temperature.

and you mean that is sometimes doent snow at christmas, then how does santa not get caught in is 'act'. :lol: