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Mar 3, 2009
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I decided to make a thread that might have some great potential. I plan on creating a brawl league which is originated on fun, but has a high scores.

The brawls would take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
The time is to be voted on, but it would be the same time every week. All suggestions need to be in GMT -4 (Eastern US).

One of the three days will be an items allowed day, the other two will be no items. The item day will be decided later.

High scores will be split in different divisions, so that there could be multiple people in the #1 spot on different things.

If you wish to participate list your user, tag(s), and FC.

Things to be voted on:
Banned stages
Banned items
Stock, time, or coins
More to be listed

Joining Format:

User: Kingslayer
Tag(s): King
FC: 4253-7490-0913

There are no rules to how much you have to play. How much you play is up to you and there are no negative consequences for not playing frequently. The high scores is only for anyone who wants to see how they are progressing. It also shows you how much you are improving from when you first started.

I will keep updating this as it gets more hits. I think this could be really fun and would help liven this forum up.

I will work to accommodate the Europe players when this gets more in depth. I just need peoples output right now, so that I can get a general idea on how to shape this. There is NO definite outline right now, but I will began a rough draft, of one, when more people post their ideas.
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I don't know if this will work, but it sounds like fun.

It would be easier to designate game types based on days, though (Example: 1v1s Fridays, 2v2 Saturdays, FFA Sundays). That way, people in this thread can challenge people with everyone knowing exactly what day to show up. Also, it won't be a hassle for those who want to just drop into a match online. And yes, it should start at a certain time each day.

I think what would end up happening with time is that the format would change too rapidly for people to bother trying to schedule themselves into a specific one.
To be honest Kingslayer, if I could join this league I would but one thing that I feel should be changed is the whole changing game types every hour. I am not sure if that would work.

I wish it was during the week.:mad2:
hmm i agree with bio, i don't know how much hits your idea on the times. also you have to think about people who live in Europe, poor little fraz would have little to no matches with those times.
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Ya, I was just running some ideas. I just wanted to see how everything works. I intended, at first, for it to be by days. I was going to do 1v1 Fridays, Teams / FFAs on Saturdays, and Anything (items allowed) on Sunday.
The time is still up for debate, and once things start going we can accommodate the people from Europe. I just want people to start talking right now and deciding on how to make this work. Just say whatever you think would help make this work and once enough people have put their input in, I'll make a rough draft.

Edit: I also plan on branching this to the week, but only if the weekend part works out first (like Mondays, Wednesday, and the weekend).
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During the week would work for me=). Since I have two homes, my parents and mine, I can only use my Wii on weekdays when I am at my house.
Sure I'll do it I dont knownmy code of of the top of my head but I'm central timezone and canplay on weekends. I personnally love stock the time thing makes itnto short. NO CLOCKS!!! I'll look over my other preferencesnsaved on my game and let u know at a later date.
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The three minute time limit is only if you want the match to count towards the high scores. The high scores is just for fun, so you don't have to do it. The reason I say three minutes is because replays have to be three minutes long (max) to send to other players. If you want me to add you just re-post your information later (in the format I put).
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Envek just fill this out and I'll add your information to my first post. The whole point of this is it saves you the trouble of having to find matches.