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Apr 30, 2006
Please use this thread for all feedback on how to best utilise/improve the tournament system on the forum.

Currently tournament and match creation is limited to staff and a few select users who have organised similar events on the forum.

Hopefully we can provide a better system for arranging online matches and help build some kind of leaderboard to tally overall scores.


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Dec 12, 2007
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Wii Online Code
i'm not sure if there's a way to do it non-moderated with html=off

otherwise, are you looking for something with low overhead, quick comprehension.

  • maximize the use of each game's players - fewer heats.
    • mario kart wii offers up to 12 players if you play with strangers...
    • if you play with friend codes are you limited to fewer per race?
    • how many friend codes can you choose in ssbb?

  • some heats could be small since you would want to keep regions together.
    • possibly the final heat could be global, each winner from a region... lag?

  • if a region has a large # of players, should you match like-skills?
    • mario kart offers information on your global/regional rank.
    • does ssbb offer global/regional ranks?
      • matching like-skills allow the lower-skilled ranks to have recognition.

  • simplify communication.
    • have sign-ups with online forms (google docs - easy/free).
      • it keeps the spam down, mods don't have to dig for info. it comes to them.
    • have winners settle with similar online forms. mods don't dig for winning info.
    • let them spam and talk trash in the competition thread during the competition.
those may be the tougher things... but i can see it in better detail.
i can try to explain the details if you are interested. the only non-wiichat product is the google doc form.

the obvious things: anyone can set deadlines and cut/paste winners from heat charts.

the first one could be rough, but i think it could be cloned pretty easy and implement lessons learned.

  • link to sample form (embedable html)
    • go ahead and fill one out :)
      • i forgot to ask for region details. (and timezone?)
  • link to sample output from that form (embedable html or copy and pastable into OP after deadline)
  • Heat Charts can be made manually, and manipulated in the OPas you may already do
    • or you may find this output easy to manage as the form gets populated automatically.
    • this data is not tied to the above form, its just a sample
      <script src=""></script>
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