True Or False


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Mar 27, 2007
ok this is a fun little chain that everyone likes to do!! i'll start with a Qusteion and u write true or false then u write a qustion and so on and so on

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sorry, but we already have one of those...and its probably one of the most popular threads on wiichat....Id watch out now the mods are gonna hunt u down :lol:

HEY YOU KNEW THAT TOO! You participated in the other True or False thread :mad2:
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i know but i thought there was so many i should make a new one!! ^_^ lol
sry im kinda alittle hyper right now -_-"
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uumm ok thisis a true or false about anime!!!

next poster likes anime
You need to notify an admin about the mistake before you get in trouble, make a new thread with said title, and begine there...

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