Unofficial Potential Game Thread


Jun 11, 2006
After reading the "Will there be a Mario Party Thread?," I thought it would be fun to start a Potential Game Thread. Post your thoughts about how First Party ( or Third Party) games might utilize the graphics and controller of the Wii.

Something I am looking forward to is games like Mario Tennis and Mario Golf. Actually being able to use the wireless controller to make a long putt or hit a tennis ball sounds really exciting. I feel if developed well, gameplay like this is what will set certain sports games/ shooters on Wii apart from say Outlaw Golf and Halo. I'mnot syaing they will be beter developed games, but a whole different experience.
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Distant Oblivion started the Harvest Moon Thread, which would be AMAZING. Harvest Moon is one of my favorite series, but putting it on the Wii would give it a whole new gameplay facelift.

I'm holding out for a game that using the Wii controller as a means of precisely controlling a sword or axe, like a MorrowWind type game in first person. Instead of clicking a mouse to swing , you get to do it and this leaves the oppurtunity to create for technically difficult bosses and enemies. Just a thought.
I would like to see a game that takes advantage of the full potential of the Wii's features. There are very few DS games that take full advantage of it (the only ones I've seen are BrainAge and Nintendogs, but neither of them can really be considered a "game" per se
Nights any good gun games nights golf
i think that the zelda game and red steel will set the standard for at least a few months after that i hope that there is a beat em up game where you use the wiimote and nunchuk to kick some serious @$$ and also get to drive around and stuff ... sort of a nintendo gta but a little more storyline with all the freedom
Star Wars is definetely the game which will make the wii up, using the wii-mote as a light sword will be amazing

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