Virtual Console Pricing - Some News

Yea that's good that they will not exceed $9.00 now Gamestop and EBGames can't rip you off by selling them for $16-20.
they updated the page

Update: As pointed out in the glad-to-have-them-back comments, this announcement was only for the pricing of new games available on the Virtual Console, with no word as to what retro titles will go for. We'll keep our eyes peeled, but for now just chalk this one up to some mistranslation and as a decent indicator of pricing to come.

still not bad though, if thats for new games the old ones should be even cheaper since they don't need to pay anything for development
Yes i just read a similar article about the VC game pricing it also mentions some other interesting things. Click Here to read article
i heard that they might come out with a gift card type of thing that lets u redeem them to buy games off of the vc
I will so buy Super Mario World!