WFC sucks so incredibly its beyond description


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Mar 13, 2009
I have to admit, I have only used Mario Kart on WFC, and it is a free network, but it is so unbelievably badly implemented I cannot fathom why they even bothered, its just awful:

- constant, frustrating waiting for the next race, to join a race, to find other people.etc

- constant and persistent disconnects even using a wired ethernet connection

- inability to communicate with either other players or nintendo

- overwhelming volume of cheaters who have hacked the Wii, and have infinite power-ups

- inability to select races intelligently: what if I despise the mirror cups, and don't want to play them, i.e., why can't I select by race instead of a group of people?

- obvious "partnering" where one player sits back in last to interfere with the other players while their "friend" retains 1st place

- control nowhere near as precise online as when playing offline, turning, etc., is very difficult online

I can go on and on, and will probably remember 10 more after I hit "submit", but these are a few major ones.

Nintendo did a terrible job implementing the WFC, and I would rather have a pay-service that is good then a free one that sucks.
Most of those gripes are with the game itself and the options and features is supports, not the WFC in general.

You shouldn't be getting frequent disconnects though - it's hard to say what would be causing that.
Yes, it's true, wi-fi sucks. ... And, it's old news, I can't tell you how many of these threads I've seen...
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Where on earth have you been....?


There are so many a$$holes like this, it seems almost everyone over a VR7000 is a cheater... ;(
Umm..., ive had a wii for a long time and i have mario kart, Cod 5, and a ton of other games that i play online constantly. I have yet to see a hacker. This video is strange though.
That's just sad... hackers, such douche bags. Even if they are jerks, you've got to admit things like this are funny, though. ... I'd be furious if this happened to me, ofcourse.

its funny how your so mad at one of the best WFC games available, cod5 is probably a little better since you can see peoples latency in graph form in-game.