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Mar 13, 2008
I've experienced more than 100 online battles on the WFC with Brawl. I have to say, everyone's skill levels range from bad to extremely good. But even in some of the good people, I see some problems in their strategies that they need to fix, so I would like to post this so that people can just read this over. You may already know this information, but hey, it's helpful and apparently a lot of people don't know (or choose to ignore it)

Tactic # 1
I'm sure everyone that has ever played any of the Super Smash bros series games has figured out that the more damage you have on you the further you will fly when hit. (same rule applies to your opponent). So then what I don't understand is WHY DO PEOPLE NOT ROLL!?!?!?
Rolling can get you away from an opponent, or closer and can dodge moves. I am NOT SAYING to roll every second, but I'm saying at least 30 times during a game, i see a guy surrounded by others and is going to get the stuffing beaten outta him in one second, but instead of rolling or even SHIELDING u know what he does? he attacks one of the two around him -_- seriously, it's not worth the trade of giving and taking, how bout not taking and then giving???

Tactic # 2
Shield. When you're out of all options, shield. Especially when you are a character with weak aerials (especially for ones that hit people below you) do NOT jump above the opponent hoping to escape, why not shield? In plus you can grab while shielding which makes it great :-D the only players i've seen that shield on WFC are the ones that completely kick ass... Once again, not saying to shield every second, too much of anything makes it predictable and such, i'm just saying use it...

Tactic # 3
This is what i call reverse psycology :-D On a relatively flat map / surface (such as final destination) stand at the edge of the map :-D this will get your opponent to think oh yes he is cornered, all i have to do is charge in and hit him off, then edge him or w/e, but it's really simple to take this to your advantage... when they charge at you, roll behind them, and hit THEM off the edge :-D it's a wonderfully pleasing tactic that will put a smile on your face (guys do not post comments of "what ifs" about this tactic. I have played more than 100 online matches and i've counted at LEAST 80 matches where people charged at me repeatedly in this situation, it happens a lot, do NOT say it never happens cuz it does >.> )

Tactic # 4
This is my favorite tactic :-D especially if you're just playing with one or two people. (preferably only one and this doesnt have to be online) ANNOY THEM :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D i am the annoyance master, and I will reward you with some of my knowledge. Roll like there is no tomorrow, dodging ALL of their attacks, etc. Act like they have an invinci star on them, and just keep running and dodging and shielding (DO NOT ATTACK THEM) this will get your opponent so pissed off that they'll start doing stupid things like ONLY smash attacks :-D this is where you take advantage of that and beat the crap outta them... and then they'll get even MORE mad and will start doing anything they can to just land a BLOW! (don't let them just keep running away) and then finally your opponent will go bezerk and will do all this stupid stuff... :-D (i have had 22 people disconnect from the game we were playing becuz of my annoyance :-D like i said i am THE annoyance master XD)

Thanks for reading these
Nice thread. It was kind of a dissapointment though as I was thinking you found a way for me to FINALLY be able to connect to games without waiting for 10 minutes lol

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