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On the Highway to Hell!

Personally, I think it's a flop, I see where Nintendo is going with this, but all-in-all, they have the completely wrong idea. They're idea was, we just dont want some 45 year-old man cursing off one of our younger fans, and us getting sued for it. But considering the Wii is now for all ages, they have a variety of games for all ages. Adults can play Red Steel and kids can play Wii Sports. I dont think parents will allow little kids to buy Red Steel. And anyone who is old enough to get Red Steel themselves should be able to handle being cursed off by some steam-head, if that even is the case.
i think friendcodes are annoying! i know like .. i'm just going to count.
umm.. 1? no nomeone with a DS and like umm.,,.. none who's going to buy a wii. and as it is now eligal to tell your friendcode at the internet! OMg..
I don't mind friend codes. To be honest, i don't care who i play; i usually just go for a random when on DS. I do understand your point however, and perhaps there could be a way of communicating with strangers on over 18 rated games. You may have to 'accept' some legal agreement or something to protect nintendo or something.

Since when has it been illigal to post friend codes on the internet? I know it is not allowed on official nintendo sites, but i have my codes posted on a few sites... they give you boxes in your profile for them. And surely you can easily email it to people. I dont know anyone with a DS in the 'real' world yet my friend roster is almost full on AC:WW and MK.
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I don't have a DS, so I don't know precisely how they work, but they look a bit annoying. I don't want to have to input someone's code just to play them online, especially if the code's a zillion digits long. I won't mind it if the ability can be turned off.
Personally, I like the idea of friend codes, plus it keeps the online gaming free. Besides, I've read up on it, and there seems to be other online options, depending on the game. For example, I think on Mario Kart, you can play random people who have the same/similar skill level as yourself (worked out by way of fastest track times, game completion etc...). I hope friend codes stay in place: It allows you to play with people that you know won't simply shout "Ye, I pwned you! Haha, Noob!" and all that shizzle.
meh, they will use buddy list s/n crap, becuase they could sue microsoft right now becuase along time ago (n64 days) they patented a video game console buddy list for online that like shows their s/n's and displays their status, so i was thining, its out of the box, but nintedno should come to an agreement and do like: you let us sell all the n64 rare titles, and we wont sue you for the online buddy list
so i guess recently that patent was brought up again and they did stuff to it, i dotn know
Uuh, From what i have heard i don't see a problem.. But i want to be able to play with people i don't know as well..

I think that the only reason nintendo will use them on the wii is to add people to your messenger (if they include one) and add them to your address book
Well, to be honest, I hate friendcodes. I prefer a friendlist and be able to play with random ppl. Like make a room and ppl are able to join it. Like Battle.net from Blizzard. Thats my kind of multiplayer.
ungh Battle.net sucks IMO, I reckon that Friend code is the best thing but they could also have like a long server list or something