What Pisses You Off?

Six bacon XL's at 11:50.
Ten minutes before closing time.
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When girls wear the skimpiest outfits ever, and get angry when you look.

I know XP Its like don't wear it if you don't want attention (but we enjoy staring :D ).

-The fact that Jungle Japes, Rainbow Cruise, Delfino Plaza, Luigi's Mansion, Brinstar, Norfair, Frigate Orpheon, and Distant Planet are playable stages for the AllisBrawl Ladder DX
The fact that every time I start to like living where I am, my mother must insist on moving house. Here we go again.
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That I need to wake up earlier than my brothers when we go to school. If I don't wake up then they don't wake up.
-When FOX News airs stories about how "videogames cause violence".
-My toilet not being able to swallow a big crap.
-Bumping my toe on something.

I'll post more later.
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^I hate it when the news do that >:[ ^
^Your toilet can't swallow a big turd LOL ^

-When I'm clipping my toenails and I miss a little part at the edge and I need to pull it out but it hurts when I do.
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-The last season of That 70's Show. The last season killed it because the group sepearates a bit :(
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My family never wants to buy pure chocolate ice cream. It always has to have vanilla and that pisses me off DX<

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