Why did compaines have to ruin GREAT Videogame series?

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May 12, 2011
Remember when Sonic never sucked,remember when a Spyro game could get really good reviews,remember when Crash Bandicoot was a really GREAT game?now all those Videogame series SUCK!. to tell the truth,Sonic never sucked.all the Sonic games Sonic the hedgehog1,2,3,Sonic and knuckles,Pinball,3D Blast, Mean Bean Machine,Sonic CD,Adventure 1 and 2 Kicked ass.Sonic on handhelds like Sonic the Hedgehog1,2,Triple Trouble,Chaos,Spinball,Mean Bean Machine,Tails Adventure,Tails Skypatrol,Sonic Labyrinth and Sonic Blast were Kick ass also,well maybe not Labyrinth and Blast but the rest were good.It seems that every since Sega has been out of the hardware business and Sonic hasent been on a Sega system since the Dreamcast,Sonic has been a Okay series.you see Sonic heroes was good but Shadow the hedgehog was terrible,Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 was Okay.Sonic Riders was great but Sonic Riders Zero Gravity didnt cut it for me.Sonic Unleashed i liked except for the Werehog part.the Sonic part was pure DOPE!i want to be Sonic the Hedgehog not a Werehog.Sonic and the black knight and secret rings were poor/okay.it seems Like Sonic Generations will make sonic stray away from the Lack buster gameplay games he had over the years.The Handhelds games are Kick ass and i have no complaints about them. Sonic Colors was Amazing but short but i LOVED IT!

Spyro the dragon was originally released on the playstation and was a success,the sequel Sypro Ripto's Rage was just as popular.than Spyro Year of the dragon(my favorite game of all time) was released and was the last Spyro game on the Playstation and was super popular and all three games got an average of 4/5 stars,90%,A,ect.but the company who made the game, (Insomniac games) went on to make the Ratchet and Clank series because they thought Spyro was limited because he could not pick up anything in his hands so Spyro was left alone until Universal Interactive came and got the rights to the Spyro series(Bad choice)after YOTD,all of the Spyro games all of them got Poor reviews except for Spyro 2 Season of flame for the GBA.that's the only one that's actually good after YOTD. this goes the same with Crash Bandicoot.Crash Bandicoot great,Crash Bandicoot 2 better,Crash Bandicoot Warped tied with CB2,Crash Team Racing was Epic and was a nice little racer.after those the Crash series went down the drain.so why cant Companies like these and others make a good game and bring Videogame Series out of the dump?
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Its all about the money
Money and attracting new (scrubby) gamers which is like half the gamers today. Just look at capcom fighters
Why is Sonic **** today? Why has pokemon taken so many games to make the few good changes it has? Why are there countless shovelware Mario games on the market when Nintendo's shown they can make Mario games awesome?

There just might be an echo in here, but...


Yep. Once something has a name for itself, that name can carry garbage games to less picky gamers (children, and the most casual of the casual) to make a quick buck.
^^^ Still waiting for english Final Mix+... T_T And indeed, I'll be waiting forever.
Capcom is a GREAT example (unfortunately). Marvel 3 came out in march and now theyve already got an ultimate (disc only) version coming out in NOVEMBER. So if you want the new stuff you gotta pay. Even though its 20 dollars less than when the vanilla version came out, its still annoying that Capcom always comes out with "super" or "Ultra" versions of their games and try to leech fans.
Capcom not really a great example. Marvel 3 is a great game, is it not? And they are giving discounts to those who haven't purchased the game yet.
They bloody well are.

>Say this fighting game will have no sequel

>Months later
Capcom not really a great example. Marvel 3 is a great game, is it not? And they are giving discounts to those who haven't purchased the game yet.[/QUOTE

You proved my case. If its such a good game than why are we getting a new version within months? Its not like theres any broken characters. Yeah theres 12 new characters, but half of them arent even who we wanted. They didnt even add megaman x ( a major sin). Sugar coat it if you want but at the end of the day money is the goal.
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So... it's NOT a good game?

If your comparing it to marvel 2, then it depends on who you ask.

IMO its great so there realy wasnt any reason to update within the year. I like Marvel and I WILL buy UMVC3 but sheesh, they could let us spend some more time w/ the vanilla version before sending out a new one. Its turned all capcom fighter fans into skeptics on there future fighting series.

Whatever, at least it made EVO..........
Didn't street fighter 2 have a similar release schedule? It always seemed that variations of the same game have been a staple for capcom fighting games. For street fighter, that is; maybe they're trying the same with MvC

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