wiichat awards over due?


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Apr 4, 2007
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I think that we should do some wiichat awards like many members have suggested, it would be great, with a poll and such.

These are some catagories that i thought of:

Most helpful member
Most helpful post
Special i0n award (i0n decides who he gives it to and why)
Best thread
Best post
Funniest person
Funniest post
Most popular member
MOTY (Mod of the year)
and to top it all off, Member of the year!

But what could prizes be?

These are just some thoughts that i had after looking at other posts.

Great stuff :D

Great categories also :)

As for prizes.. hmm.. I think member of the year should get a red mushroom, and maybe the other winners will get temporary golden mushrooms (like awards), maybe member of the year can get two of them shown together
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On other forums, members have badges that can be given by admins and such.

You can design the badges and such.

Should wiichat get some badges?

more importantly, will we get a awards thing?
I don't think we should get badges instead get a special colored rep bar that's permanant
WiiZero said:
I don't think we should get badges instead get a special colored rep bar that's permanant

Woah.. funky lol

I guess the mushrooms work as badges really don't they?
Sounds kinda dumb, because I wouldn't get any of those. Too many people find me too harsh to be member of anything.
other award categories could be:
best new member(had only been a member for 1-2 weeks b4 the awards)

I'll think of more later
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What can you do with mushrooms???

most mushrooms have already been used up on what? mods and A respected member. . .

maybe we should just give award winners a badge thats perm (and individual to that comp catagory, each year it stays the same just gets diffrent year on it)

so you can tell who won what. . .
The new member one sucks I think we should have a best member for each month like:

December 2006 - Brawny
February 2007 - The one and only
April 2007. Cpt.McCloud
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Hmm, The list is getting to big but i think we should defo have some awards at least. . .
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I say we members make our own awards and nominations and such and the winner of each award will get to put it in their sig, im sure brawny or someone could make a little badge to show someone has won a award. . . .