WiiChat End of the Year Awards 2012: Results

Mr. MR

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Jun 11, 2011
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Sorry it took so long...

The Best
Most Valuable Member 2012: Splash_King and Mr. MR
Best Most Active Admin 2012: WERAnumbers and smalltowngirl13
Best Moderator 2012: DBloke
Most Active Member 2012:
DBloke, Splash_King, Mr. MR, TampaBondo, and Tragnight
Best Poster 2012: Splash_King and Mr. MR

The Best Looking Internet Wise
Best Signatures 2012: Neosquid
Best Avatars 2012:

Specific Rewards
Most Annoying Member 2012: HyruleZing
Most Improved Member 2012: Tragonight
Biggest Loser 2012: HyruleZing
Biggest Drama Queen 2012: Neosquid
Most Influential Poster 2012: Mr. MR and Splash_King
Most Helpful Member 2012: DBloke
Funniest Member 2012: TampaBondo

Best Nintendo Game of 2012: Xenoblade: Chronicles
Most Anticipated Game: Fire Emblem: Awakening, Pokémon X/Y

2012 Memorial
Best Posts of 2012 (Still Accepting)
Best Threads Started in 2012(Still Accepting)
Thread of Threads
Moveset Thread
Super Smash Bros. 4
Post Game Thread (now with moar games!)
Thread of Smash
Pokémon of the Week
Wii Chat's First Mafia
Best Moments of 2012 (Still Accepting)

Individual Awards
Worst Taste in Gaming: RockerJ
Why the bloody hell are you still here?: DBloke
The Most Frequent Popup Veteran of 2012: The_Mitch
Best Debater 2012: WiiAssasin

Worst Grammar 2012: HyruleZing and Mr. MR
Best Roleplayer: Bodine
Best Troll: Splash_King
Best Group: Fishing Gurus
Most Fabulous: Neosquid

Next time VOTE for everything you FOOLS. Too many ties.
Next time I will try to be more organized
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I still hold the coveted "Hammer of the Year" Award! IT IS MINE!


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