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Apr 30, 2006
Just added a cool new feature to the site :D

If you ever lose track of the new threads or posts being made, then this feature will really help you.


WiiSpy is a real time post tracker. On that page new posts will appear automatically without the need to refresh them.

If anyone's familiar with Digg.com they have a similar system, thought it might be cool.

Its on trial at the moment though, gonna keep an eye on the server loads etc if it takes up too much resources it'll have to go but i cant see it being that much of a prob.

Let me know what you think :)
Man, thanks a lot for that!, I was getting out of the forums for a while cause I couldn't see all threads and new post, now I can, Thanks a lot i0n.
Sorry for the double post, but I can see that it doesn't refresh itself, I have to refresh them so, please if you can, fix that issue
yah cool. but i had to refresh to get the new posts, but its still better than searching through each section!
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hmm what browsers are you guys using?

The new posts should just popup, with no need to refresh.
dosent work on sbc browser either, and im not gonna get firefox, thats probaly what your using like most are, firefox is toooooo plain for me, i need customization
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Mitch2025 said:
Sovieto, firefox was made around custumization lol. i have mine custumized alot. anyways i0n, i use firefox and when i click the WiiSpy java link on the nav. bar, it opens in a popup but i cant resize the popup or scroll around. here is what i mean:
http://pirana0.com/upload/files/8/Wii Chat/wiispy.jpg

Oops my fault, thats fixed now.

As for the cross browser issues i'll look into fixes for those.
when i had firefox i couldnt figure out any way to customize it..and im a computer person, i looked everywhere i could