Wiimote verse thumb pad and button


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Aug 3, 2006
In football you throw the perfect spiral and score. Really the motion is compareable to pushing the button in terms of what it does. The equation in the program determines how good the pass is.

But in baseball, you would push a button and use the + thumb pad (or whatever shape your controller has for the thumb pad) to adjust the height of the swing. This is a result of the equation plus user ability.

With the Wiimote . . . will you be able to miss the baseball or tennis ball or whatever . . . like you could with the traditional controller?

With the thumb pad, you might swing too high or too low. Is the sensor able to detect height? Can you miss? Or will missing be a computer algorithm result rather than your own mistake?

Hope this makes sense.


yes it can estimate the hight depending on how high the motion sensor is and the angel of the controler
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So will it need to be calibrated each time a new player uses the remote? A 6'0" person, as compared to a 4' 0" one? A low swing for the former would equal a high swing for the latter.

I assume it would have to be calibrated? This would also mean no handing the remote around during the game or sharing it during a game in progress. It also means . . . you couldn't switch your style of gaming in the middle.

At one point you might want to stand and make full motions. At another point of the game you might want to sit down and relax, making smaller motions.

Same player . . . different heights? So . . .