Would Microsoft Ever Sell Rare Back...


The Crusher
May 21, 2006
...to Nintendo? I was reading an article on wikipedia.org saying the lack of sucess the company has been having with Microsoft and it seems they are doing terrible. Their games for Xbox like Conker flopped. That would be awesome if Rare was sold back to Nintendo and Rare made great sequels to Donkey Kong 64, Banjo-Tooie, and Conker's Bad Fur Day, and maybe even a new Diddy Kong Racing. Those would be huge hits.
That would be awesome! I think the reason xbox's conquer failed was b/c it was the exact same story line and then randomly thru in the Live and Reloaded as a side part of the game. If they would of just based the whole game off Live and Reloaded part i think it would of done much better.
You never know... there's always the possibility that Nintendo will have a chance to buy it back. Only time will tell. ;)
I hope they do sell it.
I want Perfect Dark for the Wii and DS >=3.

It's my Fav. shooter game and Kameo is also a really good game.
Yeah Perfect Dark was heaps fun, the multiplayer with bots was great, brings back some memories of the N64 days... :)
Hahah because of this thread I grabbed my N64 again and invited some friends to play Perfect Dark <3.

Awww the good times = D.
I hope Red Steel is going to be a fun shooter to play Multiplayer = D.
My all-time favorite Rare game is Star Fox Adventures! It would be awesome if Rare comes back and makes another game like that! ^_^
Technically, Nintendo never owned Rare. Rare was simply a Nintendo only developer, which later created a splinter developer named Free Radical - The boys of Timesplitters and Second Sight, as they wanted to develop for multi platform. Unfortunately, it seems most of the talent went with Free Radical, whereas the licences went with Rare...

But even if the currently existing Rare did somehow get to develop for the Wii, no doubts it would be awesome!
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