WTF is an XP Lobby?!


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Jan 20, 2012
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I've seen people posting out XP Lobbies... What is that all about?

I'm thinking that players just stand around and let one another shoot eachother? Am I on the right track?

That seems pretty lame to me, but maybe that's why I have been playing all the time and am still only level 16?

What are your thoughts on XP Lobbies? Am I right in my interpretation of them.
I'm okay with xp lobbies but it's not right and xp lobbies are hacked lobbies were u get for example 133377 points for each kill but xp lobbies just aren't legit that's all
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Oh, ok- so a player hacks the game to change the xp given for each kill. Got it.

It does sound kinda lame- but maybe I'm just old school.
I used to play Street Fighter until my thumbs blistered back in the day because I wanted to get good and learn all the moves.
I absolutely agree with u and cool same with me street fighter ftw
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Ouch, feisty are we Senor Man?! I liked Street Fighter! Hahaha
But not as much as I loved Goldeneye 007 on N64- That's actually the only reason I bought my new Wii

Well, That and Super Mario Bros!
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I don't think I've ever played Dead or Alive, Tekken, Soul Caliber or Virtue Fighter though so maybe I just don't know what I've been missing?
I have deadOr alive it's awesome and were going off topic lets get back on topic
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Yes sir.

Back On Topic:
XP Lobbies = Lame
To go back offtopic,

As a child i liked tekken (i played it with a friend who had a playstation (i had the N64), between luch break we'd illegally leave school to play it. (Naughty 10 year olds ^^).

An other game i loved (but in hindsight wasn't all that good) was mortal kombat. there was just something about the fatalities.

There was also a game on the snes i think, in which you got to fight with battletoads. It was fun seeing as you got to play it with two at the time against the great CPU enemies. Always a fun rivalry to see who hit the bucket first.

If we are taking crossgenres the games i had most fun with was Worms, Bomberman, and ... actually there are a shitload of games i had fun with. Doom wasn't one of them. never understood what made people like it so much.
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well, just to get back on topic......

" WTF is an XP Lobby?!".....

its a place for the weak.
Can you shoot while peeking around corners, in a way normal controllers can't?