Your all time favourite character(s) in S.S.B.M?


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May 15, 2006
Sydney, Australia
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Your all time favourite character(s) in SSBM?

Mine would probably be Link closely followed by Mario.
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Zelda/Sheik, come on ppl! God, she's like my best character, I beat the fricken' game w/ her for crying out loud, doesn't anyone else like her?
Ness i beat the whole game with and when i got Mewtwo i found he was te best. I like playing with Zelda/Sheik just not as much as i do with Mewtwo
That's odd, but whatever works 4 u i guess:D

I found it impossible to play as either of them(it must have been easy to beat space travelers in event mode:lol: )
It was. Mewtwo has the best has the best throwing moves in the games and Ness' PSI magnet comes in handy a lot