Your Favorite Family Guy Moments


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Jan 9, 2008
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Here you can post all your favorite moments from the show we all know and love. Here's mine.

Gambler1: "So, are aces high or low?"

Peter: "Uh, they go both ways."

Bill Gates: "Haha, he said, 'They go both ways'."

*hysterical laughing*

Ted Turner: "Haw haw, like a bisexual!"

Mr. Pewtershmidt: "Yes, thank you Ted, that was... the joke."

Yeah, so I dunno if this is a cool thread or what...
Anything that wasn't already done on The Simpsons.

Stewie (in the girls locker room) - "My god, they're getting nude! Oh, I musn't watch- WOAH!
It appears my wee wee has been stricken with rigor mortis."

i wear long sleeve shorts under short sleeve shorts over long sleeve shorts
Chris holds a sign that says John 3:16

Meg: "What does that even mean anyways?"

Brian: Looks in a bible, "And God said 'Go Pats'."

my other fav:
New Yorker in church: "Patriots suck!"

Peter: "Blasphemy!" Throws 'holy water' on him. His skin burns.

A scientist reaches into a box and pulls out a small bottle, "Holy water? Where's that acid I ordered?"
Cool whip.

Which is also my message tone :cool:
Cool whip.


Or when Brian's working for Stewie

Stewie: That coffee mug that you have on your desk, it says life's a beach? Umm that's dangerously close to the word ***** isn't it?
Brian: Uhh, yeah that's the joke.
Stewie: Oh, absolutely! And nobody appreciates a joke like Stewie, and you know between you and me I think it's a stitch, but some of the other employees find it offensive.
Brian: Other employees? Who else works here
Stewie: **** you that's who works here

i cry every time.
My favorite episode is probably road to rhode island, when stewie and brian are in the motel and stewie wakes up and touches the hot radiator and says "Damnit to puss spewing blood gutted hell!"
Next he goes to pick up the phone and says "what's lois' nimber? 867-5309, no... Damn you Tommy Tutone!!! 111-1111, no. 111-1112, no."
Definitely my favorite scene.
The live-action drug flashback with a guy in a Peter costume saying, "Holy crap I'm freakin out!"
"We're still on air in Boston"