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animal crosser moveset

Discussion in 'Smash Brothers' started by alexbel, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. alexbel

    alexbel WiiChat Member

    Jan 5, 2008
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    if animal crosser is in what do you think his moveset would be
    he would probaly have a slingshot
  2. GigaRidley

    GigaRidley Ouroboros

    Jan 24, 2008
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    Larchmont, NY
    Wii Friend Code: 4005-0628-2206-3853
    B: Animal Crosser either throws an apple, a bug in a jar, or a pear. each one varies in stregnth and speed (pear is fastest and weakest, apple is middle, bug in jar is slowest and strongest)

    F-B: Animal Crosser pulls out his slingshot and fires a number of shots depending on how long you charge it up. Unlike most charge up mooves, Animal Crosser can move WHILE he's charging up instead of charging up, then moving, then charging up some more.

    D-B: Animal Crosser pulls out his fishing rod and sits down. As long as you hold down the B button, you can control the direction of the fishing rod with the control stick. If the rod hits the opponent, they get trapped on the line and have to struggle to break free. While they are trapped, you can use the control stick to repeatedly slam the fishing rod on the ground, damaging them. A powerful move, but leaves Animal Crosser open.

    U-B: Animal Crosser jumps up with his net outstreched. Not only does this work as both a recovery move and an attack, you can grab items if the net touches them, even from opponents that are holding them!

    F-Smash: Animal Crosser smacks forward with his shovel.

    D-Smash:Animal Crosser spins in a circle with his shovel, damaging those around him. A good move if you're surrounded.

    U-Smash: Animal Crosser directs his slingshot into the air and fires an especially powerful shot. Has good range but is weak.

    Final Smash: FINAL PAYMENT
    (When you pay your last debt in Animal Crossing, Tom Nook makes a giant gold statue of you)
    Animal Crosser opens his hands and bells (the currency in animal crossing) fly out. If they hit the opponent, they do minor damage). After the bells fly off the screen, a giant golden statue of animal crosser falls into the center of the stage, dealing major damage to those it hits and trapping the others underground (as if they had the pitfall item used on them)

    What do you think?

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