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Animal Crossing: Character Creation

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by JasperAC, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. JasperAC

    JasperAC WiiChat Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Tecumseh, Michigan
    I know you're probably thinking 'Wow, this guy plays Animal Crossing?', but it's actually not to bad. I'm not a 'shooting games' type of person, I don't like watching people bleed to death or loose their guts. I mean really, what's the fun in those games?
    Anyway, the reason I posted this thread is because I thought it would be really cool if we all created our own villagers, like, you know, animals? I did this with my sister and it's really fun! There are 'rules' that we made up, well not necessarily rules, but categories, or, oh whatever, I can't think of a name. Well, here's an example of what the animal bios should look like:

    Username: JasperAC
    Name: Jasper
    Gender: Male
    Species: Siberian Tiger
    Personality: Peppy (Peppy, Snooty, Cranky, Lazy, Normal, or Jock)
    Signature Catchphrase: PurrMRRORW
    Signature Clothes: Royal Shirt (Has to be a shirt, no hats)
    Signature Room Theme: Gracie Grace's Gorgeous Season
    Description: Orange all over, white muzzle, paws, stomach, and tip of tail, black stripes, and blue eyes
    Favorite Tool: Shovel, Fishing Rod, and Watering Can (Net, Fishing Rod, Shovel, or Watering Can)
    Attitude to:
    Other Peppy Villagers: Kind
    Snooty Villagers: Hatred
    Cranky: Hesitant
    Lazy: Confused, Kind
    Normal: Normal
    Jocks: Annoyed
    Friends: Bob, Goldie, Frobert, Static, Bangle, Tybalt, Kiki, PJ
    Enemies: Rasher, Apollo, Monique
    Birthday: February 11 (Same as Pompom)
    House Location: Lower, down by beach (Lower or Upper, Beach, River, or just land)
    Interests: Gyroids, Fish, and Housing
    Happy Room Academy Member (CF Only): Yes
    Additional Info (Villager's History and Background): Jasper is extremely energetic! He is always awake in the mornings and stays up late at night. Jasper appears shy but can be outgoing. He can often be found around a friends house or near the town hall, by the ocean, looking for gyroids, and sometimes even the museum.

    Bob - I'm gonna have a sleep over tonight and it's going to be rockin' awesome! Wanna come, pthhhpth?
    Jasper - Sure! I just brought a coffee maker!
    Bob - Sweet! I just bought a hot tub!
    Jasper - YAY! WE CAN SWIM IN COFFEE, PURRMRRORW!!! *Clapping*
    Bob - SO WE CAN DRINK WHAT WE SWIM IN!!! *Clapping*
    Bob - AND SOME SHAMPOO!!! * Clapping*
    Jasper - Just don't forget to use the toilet first or we'll have to evacuate, PurrMRRORW.
    Bob - Yeah, that would be a disaster, pthhhpth.

    Rasher - You got any Aces, swine?
    Jasper - Go fish.
    Rasher - But we're not even playing Go Fish!
    Jasper - So, PurrMRRORW?
    Rasher - So. . . GIVE ME YOUR ACES!!! *Furious*
    Jasper - B-B-BWAHAHAHAHA!!! *Crying*
    Famous Quote: "If I have two coconuts, and I break them each in half, I now have two coconuts."


    Well that's it! Just post yours and I will add them to this post! Thank you!


    Username: JasperAC
    Name: PJ
    Gender: Male
    Species: Thoroughbred Horse
    Personality: Peppy
    Signature Catchphrase: Jammies!
    Signature Clothes: Gelato Shirt
    Signature Room Theme: Log Cabin
    Description: Chestnut all over, white stripe on forehead, and chestnut hair
    Favorite Tool: Net and Fishing Rod
    Attitude to:
    Other Peppy Villagers: Kind
    Snooty Villagers: Hatred
    Cranky: Normal
    Lazy: Annoyed
    Normal: Bored
    Jocks: Normal
    Friends: Jasper, Kody, Clyde, Winnie
    Enemies: Gigi, Monique, Cyrano
    Birthday: October 27
    House Location: Lower, by river
    Interests: Bugs and Fish
    Happy Room Academy Member (CF Only): Yes
    Additional Info (Villager's History and Background): PJ is not the nicest peppy villager, but he has a sense humor! He will often visit The Roost drinking coffee, and enjoys walking around the entire town. PJ often refers cranky people as 'Old Man'.

    PJ - Knock knock!
    Clyde - Who's there, clip-clop?
    PJ - Dwayne.
    Clyde - Dwayne who?
    PJ - Dwanye the bathtub, I'm drowning, Jammies! *Laughing*

    PJ - Will you remember me in an hour?
    Winnie - Yes.
    PJ - Will you remember me in a day?
    Winnie - Yes.
    PJ - Will you remember in a week?
    Winnie - Yes.
    Will you remember me in a year?
    Winnie - Yes.
    PJ - I think you won't, Jammies.
    Winnie - Yes, I will.
    PJ - Knock knock.
    Winnie - Who's There?
    PJ - See? You've forgotten me already! *Laughing*
    Famous Quote: Laughing is my bread and butter. I prefer whole wheat.
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