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Create Movesets for Characters you want in SSBB

Discussion in 'Board Games' started by wiifan123, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. wiifan123

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    Apr 16, 2007
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    First off I created this thread because I was curious to know what movesets people wanted for their characters whether they'd be in Brawl or not. Now I'll start off with Captain Olimar


    Captain Olimar's main way of attacking is you guessed it... PIKMIN. He has five of them, one of each color Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple and White. Each has a different effect like in the real game. Red is stronger then yellow, blue and white. Yellow can be thrown higher then other pikmin and unfortunately can be sent flying more easily then other pikmin. Blue has strong defence against attacks. White can poison their opponents if struck hard enough and purple creates a shockwave when thrown by Captain Olimar that dazes nearby opponents. If all his pikmin are KO'd Captain Olimar will most likely get KO'd. Like in the real game the key to using Captain Olimar is pure stratagy.

    Now for his moveset:

    Ground A Moves:

    A-Combo: The three punches he does in Pikmin 2

    Side A: He does the third punch in his A-Combo

    Down A: He does a kick near the ground sort of like mario's but different

    Up A: He punches upward

    B moves:

    Side B: He throws one of his pikmin into battle, If there is no opponent nearby the pikmin will wait for one to come close then start attacking.

    Neutral B: He blow his whistle to call back pikmin within the whistle's range.

    Up B: A geyser appears to blast him and his pikmin to safety, if he uses it on the ground the geyser will stay there like Sonic's Spring.

    Down B: This is one of Captain Olimar's strongest attacks he pulls out a bomb rock and gives it to his yellow pikmin and the pikmin throws it at the nearest opponent. It takes a second or two to blow up and sends your opponents flying. If your yellow pikmin is not with you, you cannot do this move.

    Air A moves:

    Nuetral A: He does a downward headbutt

    Side A: He does a karate kick

    Down A: He does a stomp

    Up A: Does a kick upwards

    Smash Attacks:

    Side Smash: Does very strong one-two punch

    Down Smash: Does a very strong downward kick

    Up Smash: Does a stong punch and kick upward

    Final Smash - He calls his ship the S.S Dolphin and rides in it, KOing anyone in it's way.
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