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Fearing for Wii's life

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Chat' started by Frey, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Frey

    Frey WiiChat Member

    Apr 10, 2007
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    Hi there its frey,

    Now we all know nintendo is playing it smart by keeping the old with some of the new in it with its wiimote, however what if the dreamcast problem happens to the wii?

    if you are old enough you will remember the dreamcast and how it was, in fact, a great system and was beating the ps2 in its first year because of the CD player making the system cheap and with better graphics for the time being. However the system died in the long haul because of its weaknesses, which being, not having DVD games. Now think about nintendo, this time they decided to stick with DVD and last gens power(the wii is a bit more powerful than an Xbox right now, for the time being) but held up the downs with the remote. However, we see right now microsoft is upgrading to blue ray on its xbox 360s and with ps3 with blueray(crappy games though). Blue rays hold more Game than an average DVD. Which could mean alot of good games made in the year 2009-10 will be non wii accessable, then the division between the three will grow, As for me graphics aren't what i'm worried about, i'm worried about xbox360 and ps3 making big huge games which are more powerful(dont care about graphics) than wii could be. So i think the wii will have to have more support from us fans to keep it going, do it for your wii! and dont let it turn into another dreamcast.

    Now for the discussion, post ways nintendo could make the system keep its style and sheen for the 5-6 year race for console king.

    Heres what I think they should do.

    Make A Mii online game that rivals home.
    Make The virtual channel games have Kaillera esque online to their games, i mean come on, if some amateurs can do it, so can nintendo.
    More use for the wiimote: Make games that cater to the wiimotes uniqueness, maybe a game like spore for the wii.
    Keyboard for the wii Anyone?
    (more to come later)

    Note to readers this is in no way insulting the wii, nor is it promoting the other 2, im just saying that I would not like the problem that happened to the dreamcast to happen with nintendo. So please dont flame.
  2. ottoman

    ottoman Banned

    Dec 2, 2006
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    its completely different. 80% of people would rather use normal dvds than HD. Most people dont even have HD tv's. back then it was different, the dreamcast was cheap becuase it wasnt a very good system, with anything promising coming its way.

    The wii is different.
  3. Wii_Smurf

    Wii_Smurf No.1 Smurf

    Dec 5, 2006
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    Yeah I don't have HD so why would I get a 360?
    Keep in mind I want a 360 but really you need a HD TV first lol
  4. Squall7

    Squall7 A li'l bit different

    May 17, 2006
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    Cornwall, UK
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    The Wii will not turn into "another Dreamcast" for the sole reason that it is too popular. The Wii gets both gamers and non-gamers involved. Heck, even "Hard core" gamers are buying it. The reason why the Wii is so great is because it's selling outside of the regular gaming market. Same as the DS.
  5. mym6

    mym6 WiiChat Member

    Jan 26, 2007
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    ND USA
    The 360 does not utilize blu-ray, it is using HD-DVD. I believe MS is in the HD-DVD camp and would not help sony along by using blu-ray.
  6. Big Yoda

    Big Yoda YAAAAARGH!!!!

    Apr 9, 2007
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    New Mexica
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    I have all systems except a PS3, (price still to dang high) and I would much rather play my Wii over the other systems, its just that it does not have any good titles, Zelda, Red Steel, DBZ, Need for Speed, those games get old after the 4 millionth time playing them. If the Wii had good online multi player games it would rule. But that wont be for a long time.
  7. captainff

    captainff slightly amused

    Feb 25, 2007
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    For my money I would NOT like to see Nintendo follow along in Sony's wake and try to outdo them by expanding the Mii channel. That way Sony are dictating the agenda.

    Whatever happens with regard to software / hardware, Nintendo has shown time and time again that they can take older, cheaper technology and add their own unique spin to it (two screens? but its a handheld!) to create a great platform to play fantastic games on.

    Whatever they are planning to do with the Wii will surprise a great deal of us!

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