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-------how Was You Launch -------

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Chat' started by jasontflaco, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. jasontflaco

    jasontflaco WiiChat Member

    Nov 6, 2006
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    Official Wii Launch Show & Tell Thread

    name - jason
    location - woodbridge va walmart worth ave
    time arrived - 1200pm
    time left - 1 am

    people in line - families mostly a couple nerds i felt outta place
    what you did during the wait - mixed haze in with a black and mild and got to smoke haze without anyone around me in line knowin lol
    are you satisfied - yes im sataisfied im not much a zelda fan but people were hypin it up so muchi got it, it seems neat, wiisports is ok, it justmakes me wonder how much mlb or madden or sports games will be down the rd
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  2. Wiiboy93

    Wiiboy93 Proud Wii Owner

    Oct 18, 2006
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    Wii Friend Code: 7776-3616-3352-5689
    Name- Shane
    Location- Chatsworth CA Gamestop
    Time arrived -10:23
    Time Left- 10:39
    They opened at 10:30 so I didnt really have to wait
  3. the_peripheral

    the_peripheral X, I'll own u N ELEBITS!

    Nov 11, 2006
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    Wii Friend Code: 2256-8779-8853-1823
    name: philip
    location: walmart in porter, texas
    time arrived: 7:30 friday november 17th
    time left: 12:30 am sunday the 19th
  4. Ebruess

    Ebruess WiiChat Member

    Nov 18, 2006
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    Name- Erik
    Location- Montgomery, Tx Walmart 24/7
    Time arrived -5:23PM
    Time Left- 12:43AM
    We sat in the entrance of the doorway and then they got "Customer complaints" and we had to move to an little cart alley in the store. Then we got told that we were blocking the way to the carts and coke machines and we were moved outside then at 10:05PM the manager came out with a list and we all put who was first and last and etc (All friends from school) and they took the list and went and made tickets. At 10:15 or so they came out with written tickets with our names and all the info we wrote and told us that they had 19 units and the other ten people that were waiting would get rainchecks and they were sorry about being wrong about the expected 29 units. We got our tickets and then me and some buddies went to get some grub across the street at Sonic and then came back and went to the electronics department and waited for about another 1hr and half. We played guitar hero II and laughed at the PS3 that was on display. (Story *Funny*) One of my "Genius" friends came and waited in line and wanted to buy a Wii but he had no money and he was just waiting for some magic fairy I guess to pop out and give him the money for it. So, after he got his ticket one of our friends came up to chill with us cause he was bored and he sold his ticket to him for $60 and about 20 seconds after the kid sells it, His Mum shows up and says, "Josh!!!!" and he had no color in his face and had this look that he wanted to hurt himself. His mum was going to buy it for him for Christmas and he was begging the kid back for the ticket. Moral of the story=Never sell your ticket a few minutes till midnight when someone might just show up and pay for it :D After all of that at 12:01 We got all called to layaway and got to purchase our Wii's then we all ran through the store and ran out the doors and drove to my friends house that was 5 minutes away and we got all out our Wii's connected and we all played Zelda all night. (We had 6 wii's connected to 6 different tv's) All in all was a great night =P
  5. ghost.d0wn

    ghost.d0wn WiiChat Member

    Oct 30, 2006
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    Name- Tyler
    Location-Council Bluffs IA Wal-Mart
    Time arrived -5:23
    Time Left- 12:32
    Total Number of Wii's: 28
    Number in line: 27
  6. Eranmane

    Eranmane Newsletter Team

    Nov 4, 2006
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    Name- Era (nah, j/k, I'm just not telling)
    Location- World of Wonder, Bandon, Ireland
    Time arrived- TBA
    Time left- TBA

    I'm pre ordering from a store where nobody buys games, then travelling up on launch day. European release rocks :D
  7. Kodae

    Kodae WiiChat Member

    Nov 13, 2006
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    Name: Cody
    Location: Gamestop; Toledo, OH
    Got there: 10:50PM
    Left: 12:05AM

    I already had a reserve there. I had already gone to Best Buy and got an extra controller. Here's some pics:

    Here's the line after I got out of it.

    Mii so happy...

    My friend had reserved one, too.

    My friend got really mad at me when I decided to update the system firmware before anything else. I didn't know it was 2 30 minute updates...

    Here it is all hooked up.

  8. LukasJunior

    LukasJunior I think i wiid myself

    Sep 25, 2006
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  9. Wii_1227

    Wii_1227 WiiChat Member

    Nov 19, 2006
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    name - Levi
    location - Wal-Mart, Hendersonville NC 28792
    time arrived - 6 am 11/18
    time left - 12 am 11/19

    people in line - Really cool ppl. they were all nice and really into the same thingsd as me, it was great
    what you did during the wait - Played GCN with the ppl around me. it was awsome!
    are you satisfied - Yea im satisfied! and i didnt even get zelda or anything yet! its just the beggining for me...
  10. COLDshiver

    COLDshiver Wii Owner

    Sep 14, 2006
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    Wii Friend Code: 4532-8683-6668-7765
    Location: Walmart
    Time arrived: Saturday, 7:30 AM
    Time Left: Sunday 1:00 AM

    My Walmart had 34 systems and i was number 31 and 32 in line. So i got 2 Wiis, going to sell it on Ebay :D :D. I know, how ironic. I saw all kinds of nerds in line, like Nintendo nerds, MTG nerds, skateboarder nerds (a bit of a stretch), etc. etc. even D&D nerds. sat and slept for 16.5 hours basically. Very sad for those who were 35 and stuff. They wouldn't leave until the last minute, about 1 hour after midnight on the 19th. The #1 person had "the list" as everyone in line reffered to as :lol: pretty funny. We all abided by it and any newcomers were told that there was "the list" that you had to sign your name on to show proof of your place in line just in case someone had to leave or something. early Saturday morning, some pregnant lady had to leave. Wasn't forced to, unlike the PS3, lol so someone got lucky. Some PS3 fanboi was revving his car down Walmart saying "Nintendo Sucks, PS3 rules" like a million times until security and a police officer came and they left. Got into line at midnight, got my 2 Wiis and ran home. Played till 6 in the morning when i couldn't stay up anymore so i went to bed. Slept for 3 hours and then woke up to play some more :D

    Red Steel: A minor dissapointment. It's not stupendous but yet not bad. It's a little higher than the middle, i would say about an 80%. The single player was interesting and stuff, haven't finished it. The multiplayer is phenominal especially playing with friends on a Wii for the first time. Very fun. Love the KO ability (similar to the Energy Sword in Halo where you charge and kill). You don't kill the person with the KO though but with a successful hit, they can't do anything and are dazed basically. They will most likely die in one shot or so.

    Zelda: Nothing can describe the fun i'm having right now, i'm torn between Red Steel and Zelda.

    Madden: Sad to say, haven't gotten to it yet. But i will soon.
  11. NateTheGreat

    NateTheGreat Pondering Member

    Jun 30, 2006
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    A basement on the hill.
    Wii Friend Code: 4054-9249-4284-3802
    name - Nathan
    location - Columbia, MO
    time arrived - 5am (woke at 4am)
    time left - 10am

    At first, I was going to wait from 7pm to midnight at Wal-mart, but when I got there, they were already maxed-out. I decided to go home and I went to bed at 9pm. Woke at 4am and went to Target at 5am. They were supposed to have 39 Wiis there, but the line already had that amount of people, many in tents. Then drove over to see that there were already the max number of people at Circuit City and Best Buy!:yikes: Drove over to Toys R Us and bam! Nobody was there. Got out of the car, walked over and sat down with Catcher in the Rye in hand because I have to finish it today. Then a guy got out of his car and started walking over. He had obviously been there before I was, so I let him in front of me. We just sat and sat for 2 hours before anyone new came along and about an hour before the store opened was when way more people showed up. They said they weren't going to give us numbers, so it was going to be a mad dash and I'm not that big or strong, so I was a bit worried, but the guy in front of me and his friend said they'd make sure I got one, too. The opened the door an hour early at 10am and everyone sort of walk/ran to the electronics where we saw no Wii boxes. Then an employee said "Pre-orders on this side and buyers here!" We all quickly got in the buyer line. I was third at that point, but I got it and Zelda.

    Soon as I got them, I smiled at the people in line and got out of there fast because I was afraid I might, just might get jumped. Got in the car, drove home and opened it up. Set it up on my TV, after playing around with the wiimote and nunchuk and then made a Mii. Played some WiiSports, which is pretty cool, and now I'm typing this.:D I also have Red Steel, which I plan on playing next, but I'm starved, so I'm getting a burger soon.

    It's just amazing. It's really surreal!:ee5k:


    Got it! :smilewinkgrin:

    Opening the box...


    Could it be?

    Yes...it is!

    Yeah, I'm a nerd...

  12. paintba||er

    paintba||er WiiChat Member

    Sep 17, 2006
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    Mormonville, Utah XBL GamerTag: sheise PSNID: s
    Wii Friend Code: 8354-0173-2009-5422
    Location-Walmart in Harrisville, Utah
    Time arrived-7:00PM Friday
    Time left-12:15AM Sunday
    People in line-Nerds and potheads
    What I did during the wait-Played games, slept, and read
    Am I satisfied-yep
  13. ABC

    ABC Banned

    Sep 15, 2006
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    Wii Friend Code: 1929-2278-1848-3419
    Name - Giovanni
    Location - Target in Clifton, New Jersey
    Arrived: 12am
    Left: 8am
    People in Line and what I did: Everything from Moms and Dads to nerds and musicians. I made friends with 5 really cool guys. We talked about everything from politics and life to Wii and games. Made the time pass by like nothing. Thanks to this site and Gamespot, I knew the most about the Wii so they were asking me questions all night.
    Am I satisfied: Hell yes. The Wii was actually more than what I expected. It handles so well. I just can't wait for developers to truly take advantage of what it has to offer.
  14. SuperH

    SuperH WiiChat Member

    Nov 16, 2006
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    Name - Greg
    Location - Gamestop in Lafayette, IN
    Time Arrived - 11PM (preordered it)
    Time Left - 12:02AM
    People In Line - Fellow Nintendo Fans
    What I did during the wait - Shot "it" with the manager
    Am I satisfied? Definitely!

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  15. pizzaluvr

    pizzaluvr world crown chimpokomastr

    Sep 19, 2006
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    NW Arkansas
    Name- David
    Location-Fayetteville, AR Walmart
    Time arrived - 1:38
    Time Left- 12:27
    Total Number of Wii's: 35
    Number in line: 14
  16. CasopoliS

    CasopoliS Tennis Pro

    Nov 21, 2006
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    Go Toledo.

    Name: CasopoliS ;)
    Location: Target; Toledo, OH (Holland to be exact)
    Got there: 5:15 AM 11/19
    Left: ~8:15AM 11/19

    Sadly, I could have showed up at 7:50 AM and still gotten a Wii. Target got 42 units and the line was only 30 long at 7:45 when they passed out tickets for their 8:00 opening. The remaining 12 went quickly as people pulled in to do regular shopping, not expecting to get a Wii. REALLY sad for the guys that camped out there all night.

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