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Perfect Score for Smash Bros.Japan's largest magazine gives the game a perfect rating

Discussion in 'Smash Brothers' started by TTACKK, Jan 18, 2008.


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    January 16, 2008 - The first verdict on Smash Bros. Brawl is in, and boy is it positive. Japan's Weekly Famitsu reviewed the recently delayed fighter in its latest issue, and awarded it a rare perfect rating.

    Each of the magazine's four reviewers gave the game a 10 out of 10 and offered up some glowing comments. All reviewers made particular note that the game's single player mode is long and that you can get plenty of fun by just playing the adventure mode. One reviewer even had high praise for the way the game presents its story.

    Smash Bros. joins a select crowd of perfect score recipients that includes the likes of Final Fantasy XII, Soul Calibur, Zelda: Wind Waker, and Nintendogs. Japanese shops often post copies of the Famitsu box reviews next to games on retail shelves, so a perfect rating may have some effect on sales.

    Although, Nintendo probably doesn't really need much help with this one.

    In addition to the review, the latest Famitsu also includes a nearly 200 page full-color Brawl strategy booklet, supervised by director Masahiro Sakurai. Like the magazine, it's all in Japanese, but those who must have all things Smash should check with importers about getting the issue.
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    This has already been posted....please use the search next time.

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