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Discussion in 'Pokemon' started by Chicagoan, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. Chicagoan

    Chicagoan Official Breeder.

    Mar 16, 2007
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    OK Guys.. I'm going to speak a while about some small issues that are getting bigger and bigger everyday. I'm going to base it in a question:

    Where is everybody? The pokemon thread is dieing... ahhh...

    Well, The_Loose_Cannon already spoke about this because she was getting tired of that, so I'm not going to speak about that again because is unnecessary.

    However, I'm going to explain something:

    Lately (and since always), I been seeing this forum used as a chat.
    I can find in several threads, several junk (I won't do it, to not put nobody in evidence) An Example:

    Thread for evolution stones. Questions - Trades - etc (I made this one, because it does not exist)

    - Perfect use of the thread.

    - So far, so good

    - Whopss!! First issue... Double post... Everybody double post once, more in the beginning (as I did sometimes too, but not now) Maybe by an accident. I know User A is excited because he is finally getting his shinny stone, but is the same time editing that creating a new post.

    - It is very important to be appreciated. Absolutely, but you do not need to post it. You can do it by a PM message... Even more... it would be more organized if User A says what he needs, and User B sends him directly a PM with the offer. By this way... the officials are more tidy.
    Even more. After User A gets his shinny stone, he could edit his post, and write in blue. "Trade done. Thanks User B" By this way, User A wont get bugged with tons of PMs.

    - Imagine a official trading thread by this way... Only post with requests. You can browse the thread and find out users that needs something that you have, sending him a PM and trading. That would be awesome!!!

    * Let's go back to the thread

    - After 20 posts and 15 minutes
    Want happened, does this sounds familiar???????
    This was a stone thread... and you guys are chatting!!! That is so annoying and the J is going to come tonight to see if he got any PM... and as he did not (after 3 pages... nobody will read his water stone request) Then, this user is going to write another post or create a new entire thread just for asking for a water stone.

    We have the same **** (and sorry for the word) every, every, every, every day... The forum is getting more full of junk... everyday more... and users who does not break the rules, leaves... (That's why I'm not 100% involved... well, now I'm again because we need to stop this)

    I'm going to finish, because is the same everyday. Just think about this!

    The server is getting busy
    Each time you send a post, you send information to server located who knows where, containing www.wiichat.com domain/database. That server, has a hard drive like your computer. Maybe a small post like takes 1 KB... 1000 of those posts will take 1MB (if smilies, even more) 10,000 posts (and there are more) will be 10MB... The server gets busy and busy, everyday more...

    Lately, this forum is getting slower, slightly slower... but getting... We are filling the server with junk... and nobody cares...

    Do you like serebii.net site? Sure, nice pokemon resources. How about the forum. No rules!!!!!!!!!!! Jumbo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool right? You can post everyday a new thread to find a battle so fast, or even a trade... woah!!!!!!! How cool!!!! The mods do not push so hard like here... you never get banned!!!!!!!!! Let's go to serebii.net.

    I bet, if you go in the evening, you won't be able even to post! Their server is badly crowded!!!!!!!!!

    Come on guys, lets make this site a better place. Let's follow up the rules and let's enjoy!!! I have the feeling that there are going to be some changes... let's help everybody to improve this!

    And please... The # of post is ****... don't post tons of junk just for getting more posts. The Pokemon General Chat should be erased... however, I suggested it. It is totally unnecessary. I bet almost everybody has the irc software (Gaim Chat for linux users, it already comes build in) So... if you wanna chat... somebody can create a channel called "#WiichatPokemon" You won't need even to register... and write as hell there!!!!
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