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PS3 Questions

Discussion in 'Playstation Consoles' started by Trulen, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Trulen

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    Oct 28, 2006
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    All-right. First off, 40GB PS3 for $400. Quite amazing.

    First off is graphics.

    I've owned Nintendo consoles, except for a PS1, and played a PS2.
    The only next-gen game I've seen was Gears of War played on an old TV.

    I've got a 27" Regular TV. Will I, used to the graphical abilities of the Wii (minus MP3, Galaxy, and Heroes. Haven't seen them yet) and DS, be too downhearted with the absence of an HDTV? 'Cause I thought that Gears of War on that old TV looked pretty amazing!

    Also, my TV's got component things. So I dunno how much the grahpical abilities could be boosted.

    Secondly, media.
    I've read that it can't play xvid and divx movie files. Bummer! So a conversion is necessary, which isn't all too painful.

    But the harddrive and transferring of the harddrive.
    I can't stream media, since the computer with the wireless internet is not mine. So my only choice of stuff is transferring.

    Can the PS3 read files off a pen-drive/external hard drive? Or does it have to be transferred to the PS3?

    Can you play your own tunes in-game? Or is that just the 360?

    Thirdly, ONLINE (which I've never truly experience aside from the Nintendo DS and Guitar Hero III. Horrid, I know!)

    Voicechat. I'm not real big on it, except with talking with friends I meet in real life. Talking to interweb strangers is weird for me :x

    So, is there an option to turn it off during gameplay? Or make it "Friends-only"?

    These are all the questions I can think of for now.

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