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The Quest of the Mystic Plathetaria

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by sithmagician, Jul 29, 2007.

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    May 31, 2007
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    This is a story I am currently righting........ Its far from perfect, or complete but I need feedback... so if you have any time or you are bored... Please, read and give me your feedback...

    The Quest of the Mystic Plathataria.
    The Earth is nearing apocolipse after a great war nearly destroyed it and it is only a matter of time, before everything goes wrong and it turns into a non-inhabitable planet of desert. Can the Earth be saved? Find out, in- The Quest of the Mystic Plathataria.

    Part 1: The Journey to find Quingar.

    It was May 19, 2084.

    We were running through the perillous caves of Sandomidia, a planet just ouside of the star, Catalipiad. We were escaping from the now thought home of the Scalipitorious, a large furry and yellow creature which kills by injecting acid through its sharp claws that it uses to grab its prey. We neared the opening of the cave, and with TTVT's (Time Travel Voice Transmitters-A device that allows voice transmissions to travel back in time to reach the destination before the recording actually took place.) We called in the ABU's (Active Battle Units). They backed us up and quickly shot a PPNR (Protonoid Plasmaic Nuro-Transmitter Retarder) Which momentarilly shut down the beasts nervous system allowing us to escape unscathed. The ABU then transported the beast back to headquarters for testing. We then set off to Lasmidia, a city in the Great Forest, in search of a man by the name of Quingar, who we were told had information on the Mystic Plathataria. The Mystic Plathataria was a stone, with the most powerful magic imaginable. We needed it to save Earth, as it was nearing

    May 23, 2084. Entering the Great forest.

    As Pinchoku, Leffona and I entered the Great Forest, we noticed something rather odd. The road leading to the Lasmidia was covered in overgrowth of trees, and other plants. This was a very uncommon site, the Lasmidions always take pride in the beautiful road to Lasmidia, something must have been wrong.

    We entered the Great Forest with caution not knowing what could lie ahead, but by the end of the day we thought there was nothing to fear and maybe the Lasmidions have just been far too busy to keep up the road. So we set up camp.

    As day fell, and night began, the beatiful and nocturnal life of the Great Forest we saw. The strange animals and the noises, and the always beautiful, Glowing Pinarian Fruit Tree, which lights up the forest canopy with life. We enjoyed this site untill we all came to rest.

    May 24, 2084. The journey continues....

    As we awoke, we took down camp and set off for Lasmidia on the road once more. The average time to reach Lasmidia from the outer edge of the Great Forest was usually about a 3 days walk, and with the forest being a protected area, no vehicles were allowed. We were walking for about 4 hours, when we finally took a rest near a large lake. We drank some of the water and sat down to rest ourselves. Then it happened. We heard a ear piercing screatch and we all took cover. We knew that it had to be the great beast known as the Zinatafoid. These creatures were both inteligent and vicious, making them a very dangerous encounter. And with the forest being protected, we had nothing to arm us but Plasmid Daggers. So our best chance of surviving the encounter, was just to hide... The beast drew nearer, we could hear its heavy bone crushing paws crashing to the ground as it walked, and then we heard a man running, yelling, trying to escape this beast. We couldnt just wait here and let him die, we had to help him... So we jumped out of our shelter ready for the worst. We saw the man now, and yelled to him to get behind us. The Zinatafoid saw and aproached us slowly. The beast must have stood 15 feet tall. We stood our ground and were ready to fight. The beast then jumped directly toward Leffona, she was almost helpless as she attemped to slice the beast with her dagger. She managed to put a very large gouge in his front left leg and she ran toward Pinchoku and I while the beast was distracted with his wound. The beast appeared even more vicious now and its nostrils flared.... It jumped toward the four of us, and we all threw our daggers at it, hoping to get a decent hit. And then we ran, ran until we could run no more.... We stopped, realizing that the beast was not chasing us anylonger. We asked the man who was being chased, what was going on. He told us that he was trying to get to Lasmidia and had encountered the Zinatafoid so he tried to escape, until he ran into us. Pinchoku mentioned that we were also going into Lasmidia and that he should travel along with us. He agreed and we set off once again, but this time, we had nothing to deffend ourselves with. We were helpless.

    May 26, 2084. The arival to Lasmida.

    On the third day of our journey we awoke, realizing that we only had a short distance of maybe 3 miles or so, to get to Lasmidia. So we had breakfast and set off, hoping to reach the rural city by noon. Two hours later, we had about 1 mile to go until we reached Lasmidia.. We heard strange noises coming from the direction of the city and did not know what it was, curious, we continued, but at a much faster speed... Almost there, we could see the gates to the city, but they were... Closed? Odd, but we had to continue. Only about 200 yards to go and we heard a very familiar, haunting SCREATCH!!! Oh no! the Zanitafoid I shouted, RUN!!! We all ran as hard as we could hoping to escape this horrible beast. We got to the gates but couldnt get in! We screamed for help, but nothing. We had to climb, climb up the gates and over them to escape. So we did.. We climbed as fast as we could and right when I was nearly to the top, I saw it. The Zanitafoid was coming, fast. I was just gitting to the top when he got to the gate, and glared at me, I noticed something, something strange. It was a dagger in his right eye! This was the same beast we encountered earlier, he must have been stalking us. When we through our daggers one of them must have been a perfect hit to the eye and it stopped him from chasing us for a long while..

    Rapidly I pulled myself over the gate and jumped off, onto the other side. "That was too close" Pinchoku said. "too close".. We walked through the tunnel that was after the gate, that led into the south end of the city. We got through the the tunnel, only to find Lasmidia, a total chaos of fire and destruction.. There was nobody here, and we were left in aww of this horrible sight........

    Part 2: The Mystic Plathataria.

    May 27, 2084

    As we awoke to the choas that we had arived into a day earlier, we went into a search for a person of any sort, that may have survived this... this disaster, or whatever had happened.

    We searched and searched, but found nobody, so we decided, we must leave. There is nothing of good to us hear, and we are running low on supplies. We set off going north, rather than south, from wence we came. We figured that there is no use risking running into the Zinatifoid again. As we set off north through town, we came across what seemed to be a weapons shop... We entered and found just what we had suspected, weapons. We armed ourselves with the weapons we thought we should need and continued on. Once we reached the north gate of Lasmidia, we had to climb the wall through a guard tower, because the gates were once again closed.. We were puzzled, did not know what could have possibly happened to this marvelous city. Something terrible, no doubt in that. So we climbed back down the other side of the tower and entered back into the great forest, even though most weapons were strongly prohibetted, we carried them anyway, knowing that anything could happen, with the encounter of the Zinatifoid previously. As we entered the forest, Leffona brought up the encounter we had, and thinking of it, we realized that we had never been properly introduced to the man whom we saved. We discovered his name was Quingar, the man of which we were seaking in Lasmidia! "Quingar", I said "weve been seaking you, it was our reason for coming to Lasmidia." "Oh?" He said, "and why were you seaking me?" "We've come to learn of the Mystic Plathataria." His eyes widened, almost as if he was amazed. "And why do you need The Stone? Its power is great and dangerous, its not some joke!" "No!" I said, "The earth is near complete destruction, and we must use the stone to restore it to its normal state!" "Oh, This is terrible" He said, "when did this destruction begin?" "There was a wa......" Right as I was beginning to tell him about the war, we were payed a visit, by two very unwelcome guests. Zinatifoids! Kill them! Shouted Pinchoku. We raised our weapons, and in a violent assualt, killed them both, but in doing so, we had set aflame many of the trees and the other plant life. The fires grew rapidly in the oxygen rich forest. We now realized that we had made a great mistake in firing so violently. If only we had been precise, we would not have been in this mess... So we ran around the fire quickly, getting far away.

    We realized that this fire that we had started could be the end of the massive, Great Forest, because the fire could spread so rapidly, and with Lasmidia being the chaos that it was, there was nobody to put the fire down. But then we heard a low rumble. "A Storm is coming, look to the east!" said Leffona. Sure enough, the clouds were setting in, although, we did not know if this storm would make things better or worse. The wind picked up and the rain started falling. In an hour it had rained very much, and the wind had stopped, no lightning to our luck, and the fire that we had created must have died because we could no longer see the orange burning light to the south...

    With the rain not letting up, we set up camp.

    May 28, 2084

    We awoke to a calm, wet morning, and set off to leave the Great Forest.

    It was only 2 hours later when we saw what looked to be a break in the trees. We got to it and discovered that we had already come to the end of the forest. The forest must not be as wide to the north of Lasmidia.

    Quingar brought up the war, and I finished telling him about what had happened. He said that there was nothing left for him now that Lasmidia had been distroyed, so he might as well come with us and help us in our quest to seek the Mystic Plathataria, as we might need assistance. We all agreed that it would be best if we sought the nearest city, so we could re-supply ourselves and make contact with headquarters.

    June 1, 2084

    After 4 days of traveling from the Great Forest, we finally had arived in a small village known as Canta. We spoke with the leaders of the village and told them of our significance and they let us contact our headquarters back in Tinatallen. When I reached them, I dropped the Voice Transmitter in shock... Earth has gone into complete chaos, and is a scorching planet of lava. We were too late. There was nothing we could do now.

    Quingar grabbed me and said, "Dont worry, theres still a chance to save earth!" "What the hell are you talking about!" I said, "There is nothing left you stupid bastard!" "Shutup you fool!" he said, "The Plathataria can be used to go back in time and undo everything! What is wrong with you, you should know that the greatest magic in the world can control time itself!" "Im sorry, ever so sorry, I did not know Quingar, please forgive me." He did and we now had to continue our mission....

    June 3, 2084

    We took shelter in Canta for the next two days, and contacted headquarters informing them of the good news. They came and got us and we were restocked with weaponry, and supplies..

    After that it was up to us to find the Plathataria and reverse time to restore earth. Quingar told us of a man who he knows, who happens to know the precise location of the Stone. We traveled to the man in a Land Operative Vehicle. When finding him he sent us strait to the location of the Plathataria. It was a weeks journey, even though we had our transport.

    We set off, wanting to reach the location as fast as we could, there was no need in a delay of the earths restoration......

    June 4, 2084

    Our journey to the location of the Plathataria had begun, and we were all anxious to reach it. We traveled all day, uninterupted and decided that the next day we would travel to the east several miles and go to Fallestrom, a large city. We were going to need more food if we were going to survive this week....

    June 5, 2084

    We were nearly to Fallestrom and we saw smoke, more smoke than we had ever seen.. It was coming from Fallestrom so we rushed there to see what was the matter... When we arived we found a familiar sight, total choas of fire, just as Lasmidia, but this time, we were right in the middle of the destruction. There were ABU's everywhere, destroying the city. We called in our ABU's and they arived within minutes, coming in Hyper Air Transports (HAT's) They quickly put an end to this destruction and when it was finally over, we discovered that it was the Synokiums, the ones that had caused so much destruction to earth.. This couldnt have been the last of them. There had to be more, somewhere... They must have been planning to destroy the entire planet. This now calls for a time of war... We must destroy the Synokiums before they destroy this planet, or yet, any others. Said the leader of our ABU's. So it was, the war was soon to start and ABU's were spread all amoung the planet, but we needed to continue our quest for the Plathataria, and so we did. We took off in one of the HAT's to ensure a quick travel.... And quick it was.

    June 7, 2084

    We arived at the said-to-be location of the Plathetaria, and we entered the great temple of which it was held.. When we entered, we had to find our way, the temple was a labywrinth, a death trap... We had to use our mapping devices to make sure we knew where we came from so if we did get lost, we could find our way back. The labywrinth must have been here for the purpose of protecting the Plathataria from thieves who would use it for evil.... But nevertheless, we had to start surching, so that we did. We split into to groups, comunicating with Voice Transmitters the entire time so we knew that nothing had gone wrong with either group.. It was Leffona and I, and Pinchoku and Quingar.

    Long into our search through the labywrinth, Leffona and I were walking along and we began entering a dark hall... We had to turn on some lighting devices so we could see, we continued on and encountered a few vicious little creatures but they were easily taken care of with our Plasmid Daggers. We should have taken the creatures as a warning, because what was ahead, was not good. We discovered that the Walls were all strongly magnetized by giant Neomodium Magnets, this interfered with our Voice transmitters, not allowing us to comunicate with the other group, and it also shut down our mapping device, our only way out of this place.. We were in trouble and we knew it... But we had to continue, there was no use in stopping or going back now. So we continued, and encountered a few more small foes, but we destroyed them again. After what seemed like an eternity, we finally came to some light, and the dark hall had ended. We also came to a great staircase, thinking it might be the one leading to the Plathataria, we traveled up it hurriedly, that was a mistake.. We were running up and one of the stairs shifted downward, triggering a series of booby-traps, the first being a cable that took out our legs, throwing us down the stairs. Followed by many other dangerous things, but this was not the problem. When we fell to the bottom of the stairs, there was an opening and we fell into it. The next thing we knew, we were in a dungeon, surrounded by many creatures. And we sensed that they werent happy with our presence..............................

    Part 3:

    June 7, 2084

    We were surrounded by creatures, glaring at us with red glowing eyes.. They could attack us at any moment, but... They didnt? Why, why arent they attacking us I wondered. So we drew nearer to them and as we got closer we noticed something odd. These creatures arent normal, not at all, they must be Plathatarianites. Creatures that arose because of the great life giving power of the Plathataria, they are creatures of magic. Mostly good, but some of them may be bad, and when they are, you are most deffinately in trouble...

    So we sat in this dungeon, pondering on about what we should do... We could not find an answer, there was no way out. And why are these plathetarianites here, locked up as well.. Then, just as we were discussing the plathetarianites, one of them bumped up against my leg, and looked me in the eyes. Its glowing red eyes were soft, and kind and a closer glance. It looked at me as if it wanted me to know something.. It turned around and led me to a corner of the dungeon and then looked up and its eyes shot a beam of light onto the cealing. What is that? Its a symbol of some sort, but what does it mean. Just as I spoke, a trap door slid open, directly where the symbol was.

    Now I understand, the symbol, its a secret passage leading to the Plathetaria's Shrine. I gave Leffona a boost up into the passage and just as I was about to climb up after her, the creature bumped me again, and this time it had a glowing stone, a piece of the Plathetaria! These creatures are here to help us, and somehow they know our purpose, I just knew it. I climbed up after Leffona. One last glance at the creatures, and I thanked them, because I knew that they understood me.

    We crawled through the passage until finally we reached a dead end with a symbol like the one in the dungeon. I held up the piece of Plathetaria, and sure enough, the wall slid open, and we were to the entrence of the Shrine of the Plathetaria.

    We advanced forward, amazed at the beautiful sight of this glowing, shining fortress that was home to the Plathetaria. But then, we were stopped with a powerful voice.. "WHO HASTH WISHED TO ENTER THE SHRINE OF THE PLATHETARIA!"......


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